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We are a software development company, providing web, mobile and cloud development services to solve your business needs in London and worldwide.

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Bikesimizer was a successful startup. The industry ratio of successful startups is just 21%, and Bikesimizer is one of the rare startups that achieved this success.

The first and most important step is to choose the right business strategy and suitable technologies.

The idea was to create a specialised social network for cyclists with possibilities like messaging, and the ability to join communities and share media materials. There was a massive workflow waiting for us and we were excited to implement this incredible project.

RealNex CRM Core

RealNex provides customer relationship management system services for real estate agents.

Analysis identified the necessity to update the system with cloud opportunities. It enabled the system to work both online and offline and also supplied the necessary information quickly.

Our team chose cloud storage as the most suitable solution to reduce development period and costs. As a result, Real Nex website is popular among American and United Kingdom companies. More 100,000 clients visit the website each month and about 26% of which are unique visitors.


Prosper is an American financial company. After long-term offline work, Prosper decided to hire a software development team to start running business online, due to their slow tempo of sales growth.

The primary goal was to create a simple loan platform, where people could either invest or borrow money in a short period of time.

Our team is proud to be a part of Prosper's success. Now Prosper's customers receive about three thousands loans a week, and the number of users continues to increase.

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Services We Provide

Business and Technology Consultancy

A client's future success depends on solutions we develop for them today.

We study your business and its market to advise a suitable solution for your company, and choose technologies corresponding with your business goals.

UX/UI Prototyping and Design

The understanding of user needs helps us to develop simple and understandable solutions.

We prototype websites and apps according to user experience and create the design according to your company identity.

Custom Software Development

Software development means both coding and the entire development processes.

We can start your project from scratch or implement it according to your requirements.

Quality Assurance and Support

The essential part of the software development process is testing and debugging.

We test our solutions to guarantee excellent software products. The easily adaptable code allows improvements to be made easily and efficiently.

Technology Expertise

Server Technologies

These technologies are used to encode the basic computing logic of information systems, special software or websites.


.NET/C# are essential tools for programs and web applications creation. It can be used with different programming languages.


ASP.NET allows the development of web apps for enterprises and includes data protection infrastructure, monitoring services and performance tuning.


We apply MS SQL to work with different databases. This technology performs modular, analytical, scalar and ranking functions.


ASP.NET Core is a compact, cross-platform framework that is used for the creation of modern cloud-based web applications.

User Experience

We use these technologies to create a user interface that includes design, layout and page adaptation in the browser.


JavaScript is used as an embedded language for programmatic access to application objects and ensures the interactivity of web pages.


Vue.js contains broad functionality for building user interfaces and can be used to develop powerful single-page web applications.


Angular allows the creation of single-page web applications. Using Angular, the browser opens only one page and then uploads additional content.


This is a special JavaScript add-in. TypeScript is divided into advanced tools for developing and collecting the final project from the file structure.

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is in demand and it's crucial to choose the right technologies to build a high-quality application.


Ionic helps to create user-friendly mobile apps. It offers a set of optimised tools which contain all the necessary components.


This technology allows us to use a single code base to create applications for iOS and Android without sacrificing quality or performance.


Cordova allows using such web technologies as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create mobile applications of any kind.


We use this platform to create cross-platform mobile apps. It allows the develop of a single interface layout that works with several platforms.

Cloud Solutions

The technologies in cloud development help us to create cloud-based apps that can be quickly updated, tested, and modified.

Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a platform that allows remote access to data centers. It helps to avoid substantial costs when purchasing server hardware.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a set of features that allows us to deploy and manage applications in an extensive global network.

Cloud Platform

This platform allows us to run software inside virtual machines on a Google infrastructure, and offers storage and maintenance of software solutions.


We can create our platform on the basis of Kubernetes, both on physical and virtual servers, and any virtualization system in any cloud.


Many businesses have been familiar with our software development services since the beginning of the company's existence. Our clients have included large companies, middle-sized businesses and even startups.

With our expertise, we understood that different businesses need different approaches and so we started studying and analysing the industry markets.

Today we provide more than just software development services. Our team provides business and technology consultancy to offer better solutions for each business.





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Key Facts


Total users of our solutions


Person-hours worked


Cups of coffee


More cost-effective

Have you ever wondered why some web or mobile applications are popular while others are not? We've been thinking about it for a long time. We've learned a lot over the last six years, so we can share some secrets with you.

The first and primary point is users' needs, and it's efficient to spend time analysing the audience. The next point is app prototyping according to user experience, because people like attractive and workable solutions. Then it's time to make a fantastic design.

Our software development company pays considerable attention to these aspects. You get a quality product because we are passionate about our work. That's why so many clients have loved the solutions that we developed.

Our team consists of more than one hundred people providing business software solutions. Sometimes it's hard for us even to remember when we started doing this work.

This number isn't just a counter of hours, but a symbol of our story. Every three or four thousand hours could be the journey from a junior to a middle developer for one of our employees.

About 35% of these hours were really laborious, because we were hurrying to bring solutions to our clients. Each minute is one more step towards success, and we don't regret a second of it.

We have two counting systems to measure developers' experience. The first one is ordinary; we count it in person-hours. The second is something a little unique-cups of coffee.

The average developer drinks about two cups of coffee a day. But our developers aren't average, they're extraordinary, so they need three! Some of them are so talented that they even need five.

Coffee is like the petrol for our large software development machine. This idea isn't patented yet, so you're welcome to use it. But make sure to stock up with coffee first!

We met many clients with different requests, but we've never met anyone who wanted to overpay. Cost-effectiveness is crucial in business development, while saved money becomes an investment to provide business prosperity.

Software development is a time-consuming process, especially if you want to start a project from scratch. Quality takes time. So when you work with a web development company, you should be thinking about long-term tech partner in UK.

Our company strives to find partners, so we are flexible in making agreements and estimate every new project reasonably. Come and get your bespoke business solution.

Our Clients

Senior Software Engineer Ciklum

Andrei Yazik

"On behalf of Bikesimizer team let me thank you for all the great work you have contributed to our product. We enjoy the cooperation and wish you all the best! Looking forward for more help from your team."

Lic. Psychologist, Author & Speaker

Dr. Helene Brenner

"Anuitex and the whole team did an excellent job on our app. They were professional diligent, patient, consistent and excellent communicators throughout the project, and their work was of superlative quality. We highly recommend them without hesitation!"

Founder & Digital Strategist PROPELLER

Daniel Stevens

"Anuitex is a great company to work with. We had a good experience with this software development company. They were extremely responsive and did adhere to schedule without any delays. I appreciate their technical skills. Highly recommended."

Our Clients on the Globe

We provide business software solutions all over the globe. Our team loves working with new people, so our clients come from a long list of countries.

We are web development company with development facilities in Eastern Europe. Most of our clients run their businesses here in the United Kingdom. Many of them are from Europe, North America and Australia as well.

We are proud to contribute to our clients' business success by providing excellent software development services. As you can see, our expertise is proven by our clients' success.

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