Patient Engagement

Highlight the impact of healthcare software solutions to meet users’ expectations and engage them in the treatment process
How to Develop a Telemedicine App: A Guide for Health Entrepreneurs

Telehealth makes it possible for patients who don't have the possibility to visit a doctor, get an online consultation using telecommunication technology. It is a revolution in the sphere of medicine. Now anyone who has access to the Internet can visit a doctor while staying at home or elsewhere.

mHealth App Development Industry: What You Need to Know to Build a Solution In Healthcare

mHealth market insights with notable technical innovations and the most in-demand categories to focus on.

The importance of applying food service software for healthcare institutions

Hospital food service software systems are powerful tools that can help medical facilities honour their current obligations to patients and meet future challenges.

Providing Healthcare Delivery

Reveal the importance of using technology solutions in the provision of medical services for patients and medical institutions
What Is an Electronic Health Record? All You Need to Know

A significant number of medical practices would be unrecognisable without their implemented EHR systems. These technologies enhance the overall working of medical practices, creating better experiences for physicians and their patients.

How to Develop a Healthcare App: All You Need to Know

This article will provide an overview of the process behind creating a healthcare app, as well as discuss the most in-demand types of healthcare apps and the features you’ll need to include in your app, as well as how much it will cost.

Improving Nutritional Care of Patients Through Hospital Nutrition Software

Most patients are encouraged to change their health behaviour and keep a proper diet with the help of a nutrition application in their smartphones.

How to Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare Through the Patient Portal System

The patient portal is one of the main means of communication between patients and doctors, providing timely access to health data for web, desktop and mobile usage.

Electronic Health Record Systems as an Integral Part of the Value Based Healthcare Model

EHR systems are a key tool for healthcare entities that are striving to improve treatment outcomes, increase customer satisfaction, and save costs.