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Developers Features for iPhone X image
Developer’s Features for iPhone X

With the landing of the new iPhone X in November, a swarm of amateurs and long haul clients is probably going to postpone long lines again to get another device. iPhones were successive merchants under various circumstances, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus record for 81% of all telephones sold in the US in April and July, as indicated by Forbes. The iPhone X, most likely, won't be by one means or another exceptional to the point of excitement, making for it the two engineers and ios fashioners. We are exceptionally satisfied that the iPhone X offers for iOS a general application improvement, so a rundown and offer our contemplations alongside determinations.

Multi and Cross-Platform
The Specifics Of Cross-Platfrom Development

These are two common terms in the current technological world of computers, and although they are similar, they are not the same thing. A cross-platform is where one codebase is used for multiple platforms, and sometimes platform-specific code is required. A multi-platform uses different versions of code for multiple platforms.

Responsive Web Design Contributing to Greater Visibility
Responsive Web Design Contributing to Greater Visibility

We have been careful to observe the position of responsive web design to the modern day business world. It has become the go-to answer for businesspersons who are in search of a user-friendly interface and higher client retention.

Test automation in software development and why UI-tests are evil
Test automation in software development and why UI-tests are evil ?

In the previous article, we wrote when process automation insoftware developmentis needed and figured out that every software development company should have the right strategy for test automation in the software development process.To read the article abouttest automation,Today you'll find out why the UI test is evil and how to do test automation.

.NET Core: opportunities and prospects
.NET Core: opportunities and prospects

Today .NET Core is a modular, lightweight, cross-platform solution that allows enjoying all the benefits of classic.NET among other things. In this article, we propose you to look at the opportunities of the updated platform and its prospects.

UX developer isn't a superman
UX developer isn't a superman - he can't change the world but he can increase the conversion and ROI

UX developer is a person in IT-company, who makes the product suitable and effective for use. He looks for the optimal scenario for website optimization, in which user can do maximum useful actions, and a company gets the best benefits. Development result of user experience is the first thing which a person, who is dragged into the product by marketing, faces with. If the app is useful, but the interface is expected on octopus-mutant from the planet in Swan constellation then you can forget about success.

What is software development for business
What is software development for business

Custom software development is a unique decision creation, including features and business processes in the company. Custom software is compared with retail software on expediency subject very often. Having the great experience and deep technological expert report not only in ordered nonstandard systems design but also in the creation of typical products we always interact with the customer closely since the moment of task formation or need detection and analyzing the situation, propose the optimal solution. As usual, the most appropriate decision is an intermediate variant development of the system on the base of any ready platform based on the customer’s requirements or convention

Software Development Life Cycle
Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle or application development life-cycle is a process used by software developer and software development company to design, develop and test high quality software. SDLC is also called as Software development process. This cycle helps to create software for business that will work perfectly and satisfy all the desires that expected by the client and his customers. The main idea and the purpose of SDLC time saving, saving money and getting the product that is needed. In any period of software life-cycle processes goals and tasks that need to perform are split into smaller goals – that help in productivity of any process of software development.

Xamarin's cross-platform development
Xamarin's cross-platform development

Xamarin is used for simultaneous application development and provides full access to their own development processes, and due to that, it opens the unique opportunities for programmers before each of their platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Apps contain 90% of their Xamarin code. Xamarin has mobile library who has access to all of three mobile platforms with unified API and common resources. This increased the speed of development and reduce both development costs – you don’t pay for each mobile platform!