12 tips in web design which will help you to beat the competition in 2017

New Web Design For The New Age


1. Mobile development

You’ve heard a lot of times that your website has to be adapted for mobile devices. And the statistics confirm this: 82% of users decide to purchase, accessing the Internet on their phone; 62% of people prefer to look for answers to questions instantly using a smartphone.

One adaptation isn’t enough. The approach to design is changing today. First of all, make a mobile version and then run a full website. Thus, you will display all the important elements perfectly on the screen of the phone. Often happens that a full version on mobile looks unpresentable and urethane.

2. Use effective website design

Add the correct fonts. It becomes a part of the design. They even can replace the photo. Just remember: on a mobile screen small and sometimes important details of the image have to be examined under the microscope. While the text can be perfectly fit into any screen.

Another trend is to use capital bold letters in the page menu. Thus, all labels look uniformly. They are easily read and perceived. The most important — try to keep paragraphs short.

3. Use bright colors 

White “clean” design has been popular for a long time. And it's a good solution that doesn’t loose relevance. But if you want to stand out, use bright pastel colors and gradients. They are coming back into fashion.

Follow these 3 rules not to overload your website and make it convenient for visitors:

  1. Stick to action — a maximum of 2 colors or 1 gradient.
  2. Use colors of your brand and website will be easily recognized by the regular customers.
  3. Make a call to action, playing on the contrast.

How to choose the right color for WEB, read in this article.

4. Create visibility of fast loading site

The account has gone for seconds a long time ago. Long loading page may cause potential customers to close the site, so your task is to hold them. You choose between design and speed, and more and more frequently in favor of the first? We have an acceptable solution for you.

Create the appearance of the rapid loading for visitors. You can show progress in %. Or use the “skeletal” structure when the page is loaded in stages. First, draw blurry blocks, and then zooms sharpness. Visitors see that the progress has gone, and don’t hurry to close the page.

5. Use videos – everybody likes them

They are dynamic, interesting and credible. Show the customer yourself in all your glory. Add site personalization. Thus you can increase the traffic and conversion.

Make a video on the whole screen width not to distract attention from it, or add a brief call to action. Add the bottom buttons of social networks in order visitors to be able to promote your website, share the interesting video:

Video helps to show the product in the best way.

6. Narrow the screen

We live in a world of opposites. And your website can look like with the narrow screen of the mobile and wide desktop monitor. And it has to look perfect there.

How to achieve this? Set the maximum width of the site, for example, 700-800 pixels. Thus, you can control the appearance of the page on different monitors. And even on the screen at 2.000 pixels, your content doesn’t “spread out”.

It was the first part. In part 2 you'll know what's missing on your website, what can increase trust in two times. What design icons in the trend. And images which are used in website development nowadays.