12 tips in web design which will help you to beat the competition in 2017: #part2

New Web Design For The New Age

12 tips on what makes a good website design

7. Change the pop-up message

Have you ever seen a website without pop-up messages? Yeah, pop-ups are annoying and sometimes irritating, but they work. However, this year there will be some changes. The trend will be to give value without waiting for anything in return.

Previously, the main goal of the pop-ups was to get the contact details of the visitor and make him purchase with the helping of further actions. Now, it performs the sales manager function. Do you remember that moment when you are ready to hang up, and on the other end of the line somebody says, “I have an offer for you...”? And you stay connected to find it out.

Offering your customer a discount, free shipping or a great gift you give him a good reason to accept your offer here and now until he closed your page and started to look for other options.

8. Add “Our reputation” block 

It continues to hold the leading positions and appears more and more often on landing pages and websites, because “Our reputation” adds credibility to you and your brand.

Choose one of two options:

1) a list of your clients shows that you really bring on benefits and profits;

2) a list of mass media (online and offline editions) with added logos and links to articles, posts or videos.

9. Fixed sidebar 

It can be placed not only on the top of the menu but also for:

  1. the list of recent or top of either articles or goods;
  2. the banner with upcoming events;
  3. form of subscription.

In general, don’t limit your imagination and attach the necessary information to remain in the mind of your readers during scrolling pages.

10. Use flat icons

Instead of simple and familiar lists try to add an icon to each of the items because this is one of the actual trends: stylish, simple and clear. Also, don't forget to order the pictures through the design guide and check it on the website.

11. Instal chat-bot

That fact which a few years ago seemed science fiction is a stark reality nowadays — you are able to chat with robots as well as with real people.

Install a chat-box on your website because it is not only a trendy feature but a useful tool for establishing communication with customers. Involving a “smart answering machine” you provide a possibility for clients to receive all necessary information and make a purchase even at night without additional employees.

12. No stock images 

These pictures look beautiful but artificial, so they can’t represent your brand. Also, visitors are tired of the numerous nice looking smiling people seen at other websites.

What to do?

1) Start to film your business. Personalized photos, though they don’t have perfect quality, they cause a greater response from your visitors than lifeless ones.

2) Order or draw illustrations because they are truly individual, so you can be sure that this picture won’t appear on your competitors' websites.

3) Create collages and infographic. They look much better than the frequently used stock images.

Content or design?

It doesn’t matter how hard the designers are trying, but more often content becomes the main element. Frequently, there are examples of website design remaining sites from the last century. And sometimes it’s deliberate. Practice shows that visitors will read a good content even on an ugly blog, but it looks better on the beautiful and thoughtful designed website.

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