8 factors for the success of the mobile app - Retail apps are the new breakthrough for business.

Making The Best App Of The Year

8 factors for success of mobile app

1.App design - is reflection of you

It doesn't matter what modern trends would "shout", the design of mobile app should be done according to the guideline of Google (Android), Apple (iOS) and in colors of your trading network's brand book. Typical "fashion" solution could get lost you among business rivals and make you unrecognizable to your customers. Present your character (stylish, home, youthful, fun) and your customers will recognize exactly your shop like they came to the shop in reality.

2. Sufficient Push

Using Push-notification, pop-up messages, buyers can quickly find out about advantageous offers, promotions, news, get personal offers.The main thing is to not overdo: importunate push-notifications- one of the main reasons why users delete apps. Make a plan of different, dispatches for example, not more or not less than three times per week and satisfy your customers.

3 Discount card always at hand

It is so annoying to forget the discount card at home or lost it. Do not make your customers carry discounts cards around move them to the mobile app. Moreover, by using virtual cards it is easier to analyze data about your buyers, their behavior and also make personal offers thereby inducing customers to come back to you again and again.

4 The connection with customers

Feedbacks forms and inverse connection- are like a sign of good manner, they show that you are not indifferent to the opinion of your customers. Use some forms of inquiry to improve the quality of service and open feedbacks about your shops to the public, by this way you will encourage users to show their opinions and you will show your openness. As is well-known, customers mainly write negative feedbacks.All good is quickly forgotten. Respond professional to negative feedbacks and create some reasons for positive feedbacks, for example, by writing a question survey about the latest promotions in the inverse connection unit.

5. Too much is not a good thing 

Sometimes owners of networks get the most out of their business and add too many functions: catalog, booking of goods, delivery, personal promotions, chats. Definitely, all these useful functions overload the mobile app. Firstly, the mobile app is getting «heavyweight» and buyers would not want to «clog» memory at their smartphones.Secondly, it is doubtful that a lot of customers would like to master with complicated apps with having the lack of time.However if the idea of «all and a lot» is still with you, there is a solution: release the app with simple and clear functionality and gradually add new functions. This way, your audience will perceive «additions» as your development and care of them.

Successful branded mobile app

In a basis of a successful branded mobile app is the clear understanding of what would you like to bring to your customer and what benefits the buyer will gain. From elaborations point of view, a lot of mobile studios and companies are ready to implement the mobile app for the retail. Sometimes brand has lots of offers from mobile implementations, things are a little bit crazy that time. Someone chooses according to the time and price, feedbacks or by ranking, others by customers or applications in the portfolio.

The conclusion: All criteria's of choosing contractor are suitable.

However, as Anuitex experience showed, it is important to estimate the level of communication and skills of implementation business apps. Only implementation approach will be insufficient for success. Look for those who will understand your business idea, analyze the rival's apps and preferences of your buyers. Look for those with whom you speak the same language and create with them the best branded mobile app for your network.