9 ways how to influence employee motivation-assistance at software development

How To Make Your Team Work Better?

Talk about achievements

Explain goals to your employees and tell what they would get in case of achievement. They should know that at the end of this year there will be a party or extra bonuses, or something else. The only thing your team has to do is successfully reach end-goal.
But don't forget about short-goals! Long-term planning is OK and very important but work without tactical is almost impossible. Also, you can motivate your team marking some points, for example, reaching every new stage at development workflow.


Every team is growing as tasks get more and more complex, but sometimes there can be lack of skills or motivation. So, a good lead has to support and even teach his team. Don't be afraid of questions and mistakes because it's the only way through adults learning.


Trust your team! Or you shouldn't be able to create a healthy environment in your office. It's obvious that we have to work only with people we can entrust otherwise there will be the unfriendly atmosphere and lots of conflicts.
Also, while working with people we trust it's easy to get the pleasure of productive collaboration and motivate yourself to reach goals.


First of all, you need trust to delegate responsibilities on parts of a team. Feel free to provide a bit of independence to your employees and let them make more creative and proactive through this way.

Don't forget about feedback

Give prompt feedback about the results to raise your team's enthusiasm. It's very important to show developers and testers that they are successfully passed another stage or did some really cool feature because praise always gives inspiration for work.
In addition, feedback: 
  1. Increase the possibility of making mistakes during completing new tasks;
  2. Increases the authority of the chief;
  3. Encourages the employee to develop.
Also, don't forget that some words should be said only behind the closed door. Never criticize your employees publicly.


Both you and your team should constantly grow, so you have to develop yourself every time. Start from yourself: share your knowledge and ask employees for something new. Let sharing become a part of the workflow in the team.


Most of all people don't need a huge salary but they want to get as much as they labor costs. So, while setting salary don't be greedy. 
There are three ways to set a normal salary for your employees:
  1. external justice, when you inquire how much get the same specialists in other companies;
  2. internal equity, when you offer the same compensations to the same specialists;
  3. individual justice, when you discuss salary with employees and set salary based on the qualities and requirements of each one.


An atmosphere is extremely important! Come to one of the Google's offices to find out why do people want to be a part of this company. Let it be creative and friendly to make your team miss the office at weekends.

Eliminate interference

Keep away from your team everything that could interfere. It means that you should take care of your team, not only provide some coffee. Buy modern hardware, keep office clean and chairs comfortable. So don't let your team worry about anything else instead work.