App development software! Classification of mobile apps

What Do They Do? Why Do We Need Them?

The mobile application classification or which type of apps is appropriate for you?

Apps for business

Application for business allows you to integrate into the company’s business environment totally, to get access to the necessary document from any place of our planet, and also able to implement the commercial operations right from your mobile device wherever you were. Modern companies which practice the mobile offices for their key-workers appreciated deservedly the power and flexibility of mobile devices. And now you shouldn’t be bounded with the bulky laptop – full-featured office is right on your tablet or smartphone.

Promo app

Promo application provides the product or company’s services support, giving the customer an opportunity to open all the possibilities from product or service. For example, when you derive a new product on the market but the customer is not acquainted with it and has a lot of questions about its correct applying. Mobile promo-app provides the loyalty program and sales support for products. With the helping of this application gets the ability of maximal comfortable product using, but also applying instruction, video lessons, feedback forms, the ability to pre-order the main or concomitant products or services.

Media app

Media application – according to the statistics results traditional mass media dies and just to survive it goes to a new digital technology level – social media apps level. Among of printing production is decreasing step by step and now every person starts consuming more and more information through his mobile device.

The leading world media-holdings transfer their issues into the format which is comfortable to read on the tablets and smartphones. Besides, the digital technologies allow not only to browse text and photos, but also to get access to the audio, videos, article discussions, and the twit-lists of the hottest events.

The mobile apps which we design for mass media allow using the whole gamma of new abilities. A media content reader can be not only a passive consumer but also to discuss the articles actively or even to become a peripatetic source of news.

App store

Mobile store will open new selling channels for any business by completing and significant expanding of the internet sales.

Mobile app with the online purchase or reservation (hotel numbers, tours or air travelling) provides customer flexible possibilities to do shopping at those time when he really needs it! The mobile app allows not only to choose a necessary product from the catalogue, get an acquaintance with its characteristics and the other customer’s comments, but also to apply it, using a function of extra reality.

We are in a number of application software development companies which besides the mobile software development are comprehensively engaged in the cycle of development for business.