ASP.NET technology - the best way to develop a modern and reliable website

Powerful and Easy Instrument To Create Awesome Websites

Microsoft is a world leader in the area of software development and IT services, and that’s the reasons:

The latest ASP.NET technology is used for development of web apps, websites, cloud and web services. A technology was offered by the Microsoft company for those, who implements the certain tasks on a ASP.NET platform, directly connected with the websites creation with a small data, on the equal level as well for those, who works on the highly reliable network portal creation, which is handles the hundreds of thousands daily visits.

The largest and most popular websites of the famous brands like Microsoft, Lego, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Merchant, L’Oréal and etc. were designed precisely on the base of ASP.NET.

Reliability and stability of your website

A great importance for the modern business is the absence of any server downtime and it doesn’t matter if it’s for an hour or for a few hours per a day. The server unavailability causes the serious losses and great damage to reputation in the business world. That’s why a huge role in a website development plays its reliability and stability to any vulnerabilities.

The ASP.NET has the inbuilt protection from different types of attacks and safes from the following: SQL Injection, buffer thrashing, XSS, changing of the hidden fields and others. This technology has been designed to increase the server and application stability before the dangerous actions and different kinds of attacks on the websites.

Productivity and a website performance

The structure of ASP.NET as technology lets to compile the source code and all pages of the website and to execute them faster and in the appropriate manner. Unlike the PHP code is interpreted, it's considerably slower and doesn’t give the necessary performance results.

Especially it concerns the active using of the OOP conception in the site elaboration. Due to the inbuilt functioning of a website on the server cluster in ASP.NET, scalability achieves with increasing of the attendance on the site.

Integration with apps and the other informative systems

Besides this, the ASP.NET platform as a part of the Microsoft.NET framework has a great number of inbuilt technologies for integration with informative systems, apps, web services, etc.

The presence of such numerous options gives a great opportunity to choose the optimal solution for every special case. It will provide an excellent productivity, scalability and the most important - safety.

The development speed on a high level

For development on ASP.NET platform, Microsoft offers an excellent IDE, the Visual Studio, which is recognized as one of the best tools for software development and maintenance. Such professional environment could easily facilitate the web applications development, web forms construction, maintenance of ASP.NET related things, and it provides the unlimited set of the commercial and standard management tools.

In order to achieve an effective teamwork and collaborative environment, it’s possible to integrate Visual Studio with Team Foundation Server, Git etc. Herewith, it provides a visibility for management, on how the software development process is organized, functioning. Due to such process transparency, the software development quality increases.

A reliable and secure work of the apps is provided and increases also with the helping of application of the inbuilt modular testing. For the Microsoft Visual Studio surrounding there’s attached an inbuilt support of the advanced technologies like AJAX, WCF, Silverlight, WPF, and WWF.