Best Apps of 2017 for Businesses of All Sizes

They Ain't As Good As Bespoke, But...

Whether it is business management system software, business management application software, a business management system, business application software, business applications, application and business software, business management software, or business software systems keeping up with the times is important if you want to stay relevant in the business world. 2017 has been an awesome year for many businesses big and small. Companies are finding new innovative ways to please their customers, companies are setting records in profit and customer service, and every day there are new entrepreneurs entering into the world of business hoping to shake things up a little bit. No matter whether you're a newcomer trying to get your feet wet or an experienced business owner, you are always trying to find ways to make things simpler and more efficient. Technology has changed the entire dynamic of the business world, and it is apps that are revolutionizing the way businesses run and communicate with consumers. In 2017, there have been a number of apps that businesses have been using for communication, accounting and finances, time management, organization, and payments. Here, we will discuss the top apps for the following categories: Communication, Organization, Payments, Time Management, and Accounting and Finances.

Communication Apps

Communication is essential to running a successful company. Like James Humes said,"The art of communication is the language of leadership." These are the top communication apps that are making it easier for businesses to communicate with their staff, partners, and customers.

addapt communcation app


Addappt is an app that makes it easier for businesses to manage their contacts. With Addapt, businesses can organize their contacts into groups, it gives business associates, and friends and family the ability to update their contact information in the businesses address book that they are linked to. If you are having trouble managing your contacts, we recommend that you try Addapt. It is free for IOS and Android users.


Need to set up a group or team meeting? No problem, Skype is a video conferencing app that your business can use to conduct video or voice calls to anyone in the entire world. Skype for Business offers a variety of prices ranges from $5 to $12.50 per user, per month. With Skype for Business, you are allowed to have up to 250 people in an online meeting.


If you find Skype to be a little too complex, an alternative could be FUZE. Fuze is also a video conferencing app that hosts online meetings with customers and employees. FUZE can be operated on a variety of devices including iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets. It is considered to be much more user-friendly compared to Skype, but it has not been able to match Skype when it comes to membership.


Having trouble organizing your conversations? Don't worry, Slack has you covered. For just $6.67 a month, with Slack's instant messaging platform, you can organize your team's conversations into private, public, or direct messages. You can also share images and PDFs in a chat-room with colleagues and customers. Think of Slack as Dropbox with messaging.

Accounting and Finance Apps

When entering a business, one must understand that businesses exist to make profits. Without profit, businesses would be unable to pay for employees, marketing, investors, and a lack of profits would lead to a guaranteed collapse. Keeping track of finances is essential to your business. We understand that this can be a difficult task, this is why we are recommending these apps to help you keep track of your finances.


The formerly known ZenPayroll App, Gusto, is the perfect app if you don't have enough time sending tax filing documents to your local, state, and the federal government. With prices ranging from $6, $9, $39, and $99 per month, Gusto has the ability to manage online employee on-boarding, automatically report new hire documents to the government including local, state and federal institutions, automatically deducts for benefits and workers' comp payments, and able to email digital pay stubs to employees.

quickbooks accounting


Wealth does not buy health but having an idea about how healthy your business is financially is just as important as going to the doctor for a check-up. With monthly plans costing from $5 to $50, Quickbooks provides your business with data that shows you your company's financial health. You can use QuickBooks to track your company's sales, expenses, view profit, and loss reports paid and unpaid invoices, and you have the ability to pay employees and other vendors.


Freshbooks is very similar to Quickbooks but the only difference is FreshBooks is generally used by freelancers whereas Quickbooks is used by actual companies. On FreshBooks, freelancers can create personalized and professional-looking invoices, automatically bill clients for recurring payments, and accept credit cards on their mobile device.


If you are a small business, sole proprietor, or an independent contractor who has a small team of employees, Wave would probably be your best choice if you were looking for an app that helps you keep track of your finances. Like Quickbooks and FreshBooks, Wave is an easy-to-use accounting software platform. Wave allows you to do everything Quickbooks and FreshBooks can do but on a much smaller scale. If you own a small business and you are on a tight budget, Wave would be perfect since you can download the app free at their website or at the google and apple store. There are fees that are charged for accepting credit card payments(2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction, for bank payment processing 1% per transaction, and for payroll management $20 base fee plus $4 per employee, per month depending on the state.

Time Management

We've all heard the sayings, "Time is of the essence", "Use your time wisely, and "Check your priorities." In business, these saying couldn't be any more essential. These apps are some of the best apps the market could offer to small businesses, big businesses, sole proprietors, and freelancers.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is one of the best time tracking apps on the market. Providing a free(lite) and premium($9 a month, $72 per year, with a 14 day free trial) Rescue Time automatically tracks time you've spent on applications and websites, this app sends you detailed reports and data based on your activity throughout the day, and it gives you an accurate report of how you spent your day utilizing your time. This app can be used for any size business but it is best suited for much larger companies.


In an age of the internet, social media, and texting it is very easy for someone to get sidetracked. My Minutes is an app that does everything it can to keep you on track. My Minutes is great since it helps keep you grounded and focused. With this app, you can set goals such as, "Work from 2:00 P.M. to 4.00 P.m." or "Spend only an hour on emails and chat." The app only costs a measly $2.99 at the Apple store, plus you can get the desktop version for free. OmniFocus is very similar to 'My Minutes'. The only difference is this app focuses more on showing you what's due and when reviews are completed for the day.

tripit time management


TripIt has really changed the game for business owners who have to travel between cities, countries, and states repeatedly. Tripit is an app that combines your travel plans into a single, master itinerary, space in which you can access on any device. You can also purchase train and plane tickets directly from the app. The basic app is free but if you want the more advanced version, you have to cough up either $29 a month or $49 a year subscription. Not bad if you want to save time booking flights and planning your business meeting across the country.


Communication and Time Management are essential but without organization, you cannot have either. Stay on top of your game with these innovative organization apps.


"With more power comes more responsibility." Only a few can relate to such a quote and if you can, chances are you have held some sort of role of authority or leadership. Being a manager can be stressful especially when you are managing a pretty nice body of employees. KanbanFlow is an app that seeks to rid managers of this headache. With KabanFlow, managers can easily assign tasks, upload documents and file attachments, and schedule due dates for them and their team of employees. The basic version is free while the premium version costs $5 a month. This app works on pretty much every device from smartphones to PC, and MACs.


It feels good knowing that you are about to add someone to your company who could possibly help you take it to another level. But it can also be a hassle looking for new talent and actually keeping track of incoming resumes and proposals. That is where 'Proven' comes in to ease your mind. Proven helps you organize your hiring and post all your job listings to multiple job boards including places like Indeed, Zip recruiter, and Monster jobs. With just one click on your smartphone, you can sort through dozens of application responses in just minutes. If you are a company that has specific job needs, this is the app for you. The app is free to download on any android and IOS device. You will receive a free 10-day trial, then after that, you will be charged $99 to post for one job. The more jobs you post, the lower your cost per listing will be.


Having trouble keeping track of your packages? Have no fear, Boxmeup is here. Boxmeup allows you to organize and track your packages efficiently. With this app, you can print shipping labels no matter what carrier you are shipping through. This app is only available on the Apple Store. There is no charge to use this app.


For the past decade, only two payment processors have remained supreme over their peers. PayPal Here and Square came in as the top two payment processors for businesses of all sizes.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here emerged as a competitor to Square. With PayPal Here, a person can attach a card reader to a tablet, smartphone, and use it as a portable register. The app is generally used by business who are on the go. The first card reader is free but any additional readers will cost $14.99 each. If you want to upgrade to a chip card reader, you will have to come out of a pocket of $79.99. There are also additional processing fees like 2.7% per swipe for mobile and in-store payments, 3.5% plus 15 cents for keyed sales, and 2.9% plus 30 cents for online payments and invoicing transactions. There is a Payments Pro plan which costs $30 per month which comes with the ability to host and customize your online business checkout.


Square is a processing app that is usually used by boutiques and food trucks. Unlike PayPal Here, Square offers a point-of-sale system called Square Register for businesses with a brick-and-mortar store. You can also request a card reader which will allow you to take credit card payments on the spot. Like PayPal Here, the card reader can attach to any device so having to purchase specific equipment is out of the question. Square is considered to be much more user-friendly and less complex compared to PayPal Here. Fees include 2.75% for payments made by swipe, $49 and 2.75% for payments made by tap, or you can sign up for a subscription and pay register costs of $999 or $49 per month for 24 months, and each transaction costs 2.5% plus 10 cents per tap, dip or swipe.