Business Software Development Outsourcing

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The internet today has become an effective platform which allows people to work online. We may be worried about the future of face to face employment since many people are coming online to work. Working online has proven to be the most significant technology transformation across the globe. Many companies are outsourcing online to gain a competitive advantage by improving efficiency, cutting on expenses, and freeing up space to hire more physical laborers. 
With the fast-growing economies leading to globalization, outsourcing software development has contributed to the success of many companies. The world is fast advancing in technology. Why then should we consider outsourcing? If our in-house team is unlikely to design an advanced technical software on their own, it is necessary to outsource some of the tasks to other software experts. This enables our team to focus on other core business functions.

Offshore outsourcing software development

When we conduct offshore outsourcing, we focus on hiring an external team of experts to develop some business functions in another country other than our country. This process is aimed at getting a team of professionals to establish and maintain the software throughout the application process. The team uses information technology, mathematics, engineering, and project management knowledge to accomplish their tasks. 
Offshore outsourcing gives us access to a huge pool of talented professionals who are trained in the latest computer languages, platforms, and are up to date with the current technology trends. There’re many outsourcing software development companies across the globe. It is important, therefore, that we do our homework first before settling on specific offshore software developers.
Offshore web developers undertake the following services: product design and architecture, coding and testing, SaaS development, Internet/intranet solutions, e-commerce, CRM, project management, Web 2.0 solutions, among others.

Application development outsourcing

If we are thinking of developing a mobile app, then we might prefer to outsource to a mobile app developer. It makes perfect sense to outsource for mobile app developers since we gain a lot. We get to save time, money and get to concentrate on the app pre-launch and marketing. In the event of outsourcing, we also get to act as the project custodians, overseeing all development aspects at every stage, and approving or disapproving the process.
How do we find the most talented app developers? Below are some tips we can implement when outsourcing to be able to get the best app developers:
1. Be clear on what we want from the app - we need to have detailed information on the outcome we expect from the app. We can research on similar applications, see how they’re performing, and look forward to developing a more advanced app.
2. Note down the specs the app will have - we should ask ourselves the following questions: Will the app have login details? Will the app perform on Android or Google or both? Will the app be native or cut across several platforms? Once we get the answers to the above questions, we can now move to the next step.
3. Outsource an app developer- having known what we want from the app, we can visit several freelancing websites such as Upwork to hunt for skilled app developers. We have to find app developers who are capable of creating the apps we desire. For example, if we want our app to be compatible with the iOS system, we have to find developers who are experienced in developing iOS compatible mobile apps.
Other than Upwork, other freelancing websites we can outsource or app developers are and Fiverr. We have to place ads on these job boards, and qualified freelancers, worldwide, will bid for the job. In the ad, we can set the price, list the job description, and specify freelancer qualifications that we're targeting.
4. Engage the bidder before signing the contract - freelance websites have communication channels that we can use to know our app developers better. We can use instant messaging, or Skype, or arrange for video conferencing to interact with our app developers beforehand. 
5. Examine the bidder - we can conduct a series of interviews and tests to make sure we hire the right talent. Here, we also have a chance to request the bidder for samples of his/her work, and if they have testimonials from previous clients and their portfolio. 
6. Bid price - we need to take time to agree with our bidder on the best price for the project. We should be willing to pay the bidder what he/she is worth for us to get what we exactly want. We have to build comfortable working time for both of us. Some bidders may set a higher price than what we had included in our budget. We need to ask ourselves why. They might have a good reason why they asked for a higher bid. We need to cross-check the bidder’s qualifications, their portfolio, and decide if indeed they qualify for a higher bid. If they do, then why not hire that person? We might up the ante, and go for the higher bid. In this instance, the chances are that high-quality work is guaranteed. 
7. Set milestones - milestone are stages where the bidder completes specific tasks. This helps us to approve or disapprove the bidder's work. If the work is by our expectations, we can pay the freelancer a certain amount of money to motivate them to complete the project. 

Why outsource software development?

Below are some of the advantages of outsourcing software development.
  1. Save on costs - outsourcing reduces the firm’s expenses that it would otherwise incur if it had to make upfront investments in employee resources, and conduct in-house training. Outsourcing can reduce the costs by 90%.
  2. Saves time - when we outsource for software development, we set the timelines, and people are deemed to deliver their work on time. Additionally, outsourcing reduces in-house employee workload, giving them more time to focus on the firm’s core businesses.
  3. Lack of in-house expertise - we all want our businesses to attain the top brand reputation across the globe as the company with the latest software. But what if our in-house team lacks the experience to globalize the firm? We will have to outsource for talented professionals who will manage our business globally. 
  4. Improved efficiency - outsourcing reduces the process of hiring, training, and usher in new employees. The hiring process gets efficient by targeting talented professionals only. 
  5. Access to field experts - outsourcing gives us immediate access to the best and brightest software development gurus who will guarantee us quality work in our area of interest.
  6. Improved technology – as technology is fast growing worldwide, we should strive to outsource to stay on top of the current software developments. 
  7. Improved accuracy - when we outsource, have a chance to review the bidders. We look at their profiles, the quality of work they deliver, and their response time. We are, therefore, ascertained that upon hiring these individuals, they would provide accurate work on time.
  8. Reduced risks - when we think of outsourcing, we can cut hiring risks by choosing outsourcing firms that have proven to handle projects perfectly. We have to seek the services of reliable outsourcing companies that have experience working with the best web developers. We can get the information from friend referrals or rankings of best web development companies.
  9. No follow-ups - with outsourcing, individuals work on strict deadlines to earn. There’s improved compliance as we don’t have to conduct human follow-ups.
  10. Focus - when we outsource, we delegate more time to our in-house team to focus on the firm’s core businesses. By implementing this strategy, we remain committed to gaining a competitive advantage in the technology world. 


Here’s how to outsource for web development

Web development shouldn’t be difficult to outsource although many people fail at it or find it difficult. We can just apply the following tips to get it right.
• Budget
We all know that if we pay peanuts, we’ll get monkeys. We do not want to waste any single minute we have invested in outsourcing and end up getting work that is below our standards. We can put a reasonable budget in the job posting to attract qualified personnel. 
• Evaluate technical talent
Did you know some web developers list projects on their profiles that they didn’t even do? We need to take our time to evaluate the web developers and ensure we outsource the right talent. But then, what if we do not have the knowledge and expertise required to gauge someone if he/she is the right fit? We can hire a project manager who understands the software we want and take it upon himself/herself to outsource the best developers.
• Coding test
Introducing a coding test when outsourcing for web developers is a simple way to evaluate experienced personnel. We can request the bidders to take a simple coding test that takes a short time to complete. From the test results, we can gauge the applicants on their performance, and how long they took to complete the test. This test is an efficient method to weed out incompetent personnel since talented people will complete the code tests accurately and within the shortest time possible.
Also, we can request the applicants to share their screens with us. We can achieve this by conducting interviews via Skype. This method ensures that they do the work by themselves. If an applicant doesn't take the test or takes too long to complete, turn down his/her bid, and move on to other applicants. 

Agile software development outsourcing

This software development describes values and principles for software development. The software has requirements and solutions that evolve through a joined effort of self-arranging the functional teams. The agile way can be classified into two:
  1. Client and management practices - these practices address the way we associate with clients, get proper instructions, and ensure the project runs smoothly. 
  2. Programmer practices - these methods discuss how we can work with the codes in an agile way such as simplifying them, working with the systems quickly to deliver on time, and working on the correct codes to ensure we provide high-quality work. 
The agile software is developed through the following stages: planning, constantly evolving, timely delivery, continuous improvement, and flexibility. 


Agile values include:

  • Individuals and collaborations - it is wise to have a team of developers who work together, motivate each other, and collaborate well, rather than people who work in isolation. Teamwork and communication are vital to software developers.
  • Working software - we have to provide our clients with a working software, and not just presenting them with a lot of paperwork. 
  • Customer relationships - we need to build good client relationships right from the onset of our projects since we can’t get all the information at once. We also have to engage the clients and the end-users directly to find out if the software is serving their interests. 
  • Quick response to change - suppose the paying client or the end-users request a change, we should be flexible and implement the changes quickly. Additionally, agile methods work towards continuous improvement. 
The following are the agile principles: 
  1. Ensuring our clients are satisfied by developing a valuable software for them.
  2. Being flexible to change even at the project's final stages to make sure we meet the client’s needs.
  3. Delivering on or before the client’s deadline.
  4. Advocating for one-on-one communication, and ensuring we frequently communicate with the developers, end-users, and the clients.
  5. Work within a team of motivated developers.
  6. Pay attention to every detail to achieve technical excellence. 
  7. Simplifying the process thus minimizing the amount of work to be done and saving time.
  8. Re-evaluating the team and always working to improve accuracy and efficiency.


A Final Thought

With the rapid technology advancements, many businesses are rushing to gain online presence through software and app developments. These are technical processes worth investing quality time and resources. We need to have a detailed structure of actions right from coming up with the idea, implementation, advertising, outsourcing, and the actual development process. 
Outsourcing has become the most significant transformation in today's history. At first, we were worried about machines replacing human labor, but now, online work is replacing physical labor. Many professionals have taken it online and are delivering to their clients. Businesses have noted the many benefits associated with outsourcing, and they have welcomed the idea. What we need to do in this world of outsourcing is to be clear and concise with what we want to be worked on, and who we want to handle our work. Business intelligence is key.