Digital transformation: why classic businesses move in IT

And What Does It Mean For Other Businesses

Today in the Western United States is happening amazing things. A company that did not rule any taxi suddenly became the largest taxi company in the country, and another company, which did not own any room, turned into the largest hotel. Traditional businesses began to realize that one purchase of the best products in the IT sector (it may be a database, middleware or front-end) is not enough to win over new companies from Silicon Valley.

Information technologies determine the business, while several years ago were considered as an additional function. Now the team of developers influences the business as well as its managers.

Such giants as Ford, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank or BMW is carrying out the cultural revolution, and try to do it such way to not kill the core business, which brings the revenue. The question is how to build something new maintaining the classic business at the same time to switch on it about 20 years later. Today these companies have to conduct transformation softly, though, IT is being implemented in all organizational structure including from HR-department to the executive board.

Therefore, you need to conduct an analysis to learn what technologies can be borrowed from the creators of Silicon Valley, to distinguish the possibilities in your business and create a unique modern product that will stand out among others and simultaneously carry the feeling of your brand, which effects on offline customers.

The successful strategy allows maintaining the speed of doing business at the appropriate level. Ideally, it turns out the business that leads all communication with clients through a variety of self-learning apps with minimum human involvement.

For example, Ford has applications that exclude the driver from the driving process. These apps do not only control the movement on the road but also keep track of full life cycle of the car. They are booking in advance a parking space or tell you that today is no milk in the store where you usually do shopping. The driver is in such an interaction with Ford, which is beyond the scope just the automotive business.

Companies’ classic incentive related to similar transformations are obvious – building a new relationship with a client, like what have Apple or Uber. Today, there are hundreds of businesses that understand a need for changes, while four years ago there were several ones.

The main companies’ goals have been changed too as traditional understanding began to break down. Now Ford does not want just to produce cars, and the same oil company does not want just pumping oil stupidly, they need something great, such as Google that will attract millions of users in the idea.


IT allows optimizing your business perfectly, as we have such indicators that were not available in the classic business, which allows you to make an offer in that moment when a client needs it, and he will be the one that you need.