Effective website design: how select colors

Creating Really Impressive Websites

Let's figure out which colors for whom and for what will be suitable:

The red color is for website design— passion, strength, energy, love, aggression, strength. Perfect for creating corporate websites or personal pages of activists and politicians.

BLUE color for website design: conservatism, security, trust, purity, and order. One of the most popular colors for websites. Good for advertising and sales.

YELLOW color for website design: hope, optimism, joy.Suitable for the wide variety of platforms. This color is often used in combination with other dark shades.Interactive buttons and blocks are highlighted using.

GREEN for website design: nature, health, renewal. As blue one, this is a favorite color for web designers. Popular in creating websites and corporate identity all kinds of organizations. You could see those popular websites like Facebook, Trello, and others use this color as for your software design and app design.

ORANGE color for website design: fun, happiness, energetic, playful, activity. It is often used in websites for restaurants, as orange is able to cause appetite. It's rarely used alone.Orange is good in combination with green, blue-green, blue and gray, as we have on the site

PURPLE of color for website design: the greatness, mystery, philosophy, religion. The color is a bright personality, and suitable for a personal site of some unusual and odious personality.The combination with gold and silver creates the effect of luxury that will be suitable also on the websites of country clubs and elite institutions.

GRAY color for website design: modesty, elegance, restraint, and intelligence.Often is used for corporate websites, and sites about innovation and IT technologies. For example, our company offshore software development company, Anuitex, uses this color in our brand.

BROWN color for website design: earth, comfort, reliability, endurance. Its range is wide enough and is credible, so it is used for creating sites to provide services, sometimes online stores.

BLACK color for website design: mystery, sexuality, sophistication. Applicable to many software projects developer. The main thing is to balance the parts and to dilute the dark website bright spots.

WHITE color for website design: cleanliness, innocence, purity, lightness. The most versatile color. With different combination and refinement of details, we can serve completely different purposes. The main value — creates ease of understanding and readability. This list can be continued indefinitely. When choosing colors for your next project read a little bit about color, spend a mini-survey among colleagues and relatives and of course, guided by intuition and design flair.

P.S.It should be mentioned that the understanding and perception of colors varies are different for cultures, countries and even for different age categories. So choose a web designer who will understand the best way to create a website and what is exactly needed for your business and niche.