How custom business applications can make all job what you need in your business

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About the custom business application and business apps

When the companies business processes and their accompanying accounting and reporting forms change often, it’s really difficult to choose a prepared product or service for automation of the activity. In the prepared product, the necessary forms can be absent or you will always need to order the revisions in developers.
It’s frequently easier for business to build the whole process independently than to adjust to the ready system. Wherein, it’s desirable a process was built, launched in applying and debugged directly by the business users, without programmers.
Basically, because of the simplicity, flexibility, and absence of programming necessity (but with the availability to VBA), in 90th and 2000th millions of accounting and reporting apps were created with the helping of Excel and Access. A registration system can begin with a small app with 3 spreadsheets and a few forms. In case this app will be demanded in business, it begins to accrete with a new function. And if it suddenly turns out that the chosen platform doesn’t allow to realize a needed option, you will have to redo everything in another platform/language/CMS.
So, the Excel and Access are used till now, however, they are unsuitable when it’s needed to add the multi-user access with the rights separation and a web-interface to the registry system.
Thanks to the web technologies which have reached a necessary level, now it is possible to observe boom in development of the online databases and business apps constructors which allow automatizing all the goals without any programming. Customers of such products can be not only the organizations which have a requirement in automation but also the system integrators which can increase a business profitability at the expense of the system's creation for their contractors without expensive programmers.
Problem 1: a balance of simplicity and functionality
At the apparent advantages of constructors before the boxed products and ordered development in conditions of frequent business processes changes, tens of such constructors aren’t popular in the world. Possibly, the reason is in insufficient observation of products, but it seems to us that the problem rather in a product: now constructors are either difficult and multifunctional or simple, but not flexible enough.
Problem 2: a difficult conversion from an already used decision to the constructor 
Customers, which have already accustomed to the Excel and Access know the structure of the tables, necessary formulas, they don’t  want to name the fields manually and to tune the roles in the system. A conversion from usual and simple instruments to the constructors more often does not give a possibility to import present tables and logic to the new instrument. In a couple with an interface complication, this problem becomes often blocking.
How can a perfect solution look like?
It seems that from the functional point of view a perfect business apps constructor must have such qualities:
• A maximal functionality of registry forms and tables. In this case, all the typical interfaces and registration forms must be generated automatically - without any programming. 
• Highly flexible rights system. Rights for editing and viewing must be given for the columns and lines up to a cell in a table. 
•  A constructor of the data filling processes. There must be a possibility to appoint the own process for it’s filling in for every note in the base.
•  A possibility to add to any system place a random conduct and formalization. There should be a possibility to add a server and client JavaScript to any system element, also you can write the libraries on C#/Java, REST API is present.
•   A possibility to download the old tabular data with the conserving of their structure to the web-app.
How to achieve a perfect solution? 
Unfortunately, a great number of constructors will not be suitable for all types of businesses, because there’s tried to unify the working schemes for all types of business, what is actually impossible. A great number of enterprises and businesses need a specific base for the data and account input and obviously more profitable in this moment to contact the software developers which will realize a perfect solution for you with a more profitable price for you.