How to minimize occupational diseases in IT

And Establish a Really Cozy Office

The image generation method and the violation rules monitor to make the negative impact on eyes renders, as well as the wrong organization of the workplace. The person that is conducting the monitor most of their working day, complains of burning or pain in the eyes, feeling of sand under the eyelids, blurred vision, double vision.
Because of the fact that the lens of the eye lens is constantly tense (as people are watching on the subject of — monitor — close and not looking away during all day), many marked decreases in visual acuity and myopia are the most common diseases. Recommendations for the restoration of vision can be divided into two large groups:

The organization of the workplace for the software developer:

When you’re choosing an LCD monitor:

1) The comfortable distance "the eyes are the center of the display surface" to work with the monitor should be 2-3 diagonal. 21` optimally;
2) Contrast — the more is the better;
3) Brightness - adjustment in a wide range;
4) Resolution - the more the better. For nobody

Illumination in the workplace  should be followed by these requirements:

1) As light sources apply mainly modern led ceiling lamp. General lighting should be zoned, i.e. the team being in the particular area can change the type and intensity of the lighting.
2) Working places in relation to the light apertures are arranged in that way that the natural light fell on the side, mostly on the left.
3) The distance between desktops with video monitors should be not less than 2 m, and the distance between lateral surfaces of video monitors — not less than 1.2 m.

Requirements for the working hours and rest time:

We came up with the following rules that are based on the years of personal experience:

1) the workday of each employee is 8 hours. Sometimes it is necessary to extend the working day for 1-4 hours. Such situations are discussed with the project manager separately in each case and are exceptional. Overtime is strictly not welcome.
2) After the first two hours of work and 2 hours after a lunch break, we recommend you to arrange breaks of 15 minutes each. Here the initiative comes from the project manager. Usually, at this time the team holds a meeting. You can just drink tea, discuss the situation on the project.
3) Table tennis is one of the best exercises for the prevention of eye diseases. Eye, tracking the position of the tennis ball, constantly prefocused. Activity is loaded with all the ligamentous-muscular apparatus of the eye.
4) Effective are ad-hoc breaks (micropause) with a duration of 1-3 minutes.

Musculoskeletal system

Usually the highest number of health complaints associated with muscles diseases and joints. Fixed the tense posture of the operator during the longtime «glued» to the computer screen can lead to fatigue and cause the back, neck, shoulder joints pain.
Often we are faced with the spastic contraction of certain muscle groups (shoulders, neck, back). Sometimes there is even changing the shape of the spine.
The solution is the organization of the workplace for web develop: it's very simple. If it’s comfortable for you to work at the table the whole standard working day, then everything is OK. Typically, the height of the table should be in the range of 680 to 800 mm.
Too high or too short table will satisfy nobody. The depth of the working surface of the table is 800 mm and width 1 600 mm. It is better to choose the matte texture, soft colors for the working surface of the table. Better dark (but not black!) colors.
The table should have sufficient space for the feet. The keyboard should be placed on the table surface at a distance of 100-300 mm from the edge.
The chair should allow you to change your posture during the working day. This is a classic office chair swivel type with seat and backrest adjustable for height and tilt angles and the distance back from the front edge of the seat.

Recently we started to use seats with vented backs. And no office chairs for the workplace!
You can leave them for a conference room or receptionist. It’s possible to sit on them for more than two hours and it’s comfortable, but not working with the keyboard. Requirements for the working hours and the time for rest is similar to the previous one.

It would be nice if the company where you are working, can organize the message for the employees. Also visiting the swimming pool. Swimming is the good unloads for the spine, it changes the group of muscle tension. It also can be combined with the workouts at the gym.