How to study the web development by yourself - 5 steps how to learn web development

From Trainee To Software Architect

Here we wrote 5 steps how to start the web-developer career:

1. Limit the interests

No one can't become a developer (such as a doctor or a teacher) through reading a book or watching a video, even after a few lectures on YouTube because web development is an extensive area. Being of the web-programmer is something like a science, so, when you try to become a master it can figurately drain your blood. You have to choose only one area, it’s easier to domesticate new spheres after you've already obsessed some another one.
After you've got to know HTML and CSS (basics of front-end), choose what is more interesting for you. It would be better to use bits of advice from people, who made your favorite resources. We think that Angular.JS is the most suitable because we like its properties in real time. If nothing special don't attract you, stop on something more common.

2. Do not rely only on gurus

Development gurus often with intentions suggest the recommendations for beginners which don't really have the practical application.
Here are the reasons:
  • don't forget that you're a beginner developer;
  • there are too big requirements to those who just started to grasp the bases;
  • also, there can be the preferences based on problems, which you'll never face with (for example, scaling on million users);
Our opinion is no matter what you will start with. Why? 'Cause to restudy and learn a new technology is nothing compared with a gap between a developer and the one, who has never done it.

3. Always ask yourself

After studying the basis begin to create something without any tips. It doesn't matter what exactly you'll decide to do, just follow the less size of your project as much as possible. Also, assure that project has a final point. Which properties it should have, we would call it "finished". In the most cases, any project which main task is a gathering of any basic data is the most common for beginners to check their skills.

4.Aspire to the precise daily schedule

You'll notice when you start to slow down in self-development. It happens because the beginners get pleasure from educational process getting the concrete marks.
Dedicate for studying and practice the certain time every day. As a minimum 20 minutes, it's a good time for beginning, but there are no precise limits and requirements. New horizons will be opened for the young developer like a good addition, not like an abrupt aim.

5.Stock up with enough number of educational materials

You have to practice to become a good developer, but you can't always write a proper code. So, it's very important to use different tutorials to improve your skills and learn something new.
The advantage from various educational materials consists in that you can see how professional web-developer solve different and standard tasks.


We shared only 5 recommendations "in general" how to learn web programming, but there are that are really those things which we would like everybody to know when beginning to do web-programing.