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What Do Software Solutions Provide To You?

If your business model is based on millions of users which don’t pay, there are two ways of development:

Variant 1 – your startup grows up and everything’s great;
Variant 2 – you’ll fight and waste all your money.

According to statistics, the second variant is more realistic. It’s necessary to find some balance – if the proposal is too narrow, appears the danger to have too less solvent clients; if it’s too wide – you won’t be able to solve any specific problem.

Don’t hide your idea.
Of course, somebody can steal your business idea, but if you’re not sure in it or that you can get together the best team for its realization, then, maybe, this idea is not for you. Happens, that someone has copied what you plan to use or already cope with it but you have to take for granted that big and small companies will try to copy you. It’s important your startup-to be the best in its direction and not just the first on the market – then everybody will know that it was your idea and only you are original and all the rest are fake. In this case, confidence to company grows and loyalty to competitors goes down. 

Question for you: - "Are you ready to realize your idea step-by-step better than someone else?"

Rather, primary and final ideas will be very different.
Some successful companies started their activity with quite another ideas. Nintendo company sold paper playing cards, Nokia was a paper manufacturer in Finland. That’s why don’t be afraid to follow what is really yours! Make sketches of everything. And as soon as you’ll have some idea, it’s necessary to sketch it on paper. Draw every page and icon on the screen. Don’t miss any interaction – if there’s link or bottom, what will happen if to discard it? follow this topic. Such process allows the idea to move from your head to paper. It also helps people who you work with to understand what you exactly do. For potential co-founders, it means that you are able to reach an agreement in your idea content. For designers and software developers drawing helps to imagine what is necessary from their side and how much time it will take.

Check your idea.
How, actually, verify the idea which you work with? By testing the idea and future product prototype on potential customers. In interrogation, 80% won’t say you any critics ‘cause they just being polite, and the rest 20% will announce that “they’ve understood anything”. If it’s true then maybe your idea is too difficult – simplify it. Also, start the realization from the easiest part. Use your sketches to learn about your client’s problems – don’t give them the solution immediately, eliminate your own passions and self-esteem then use feedback to produce the solutions which fit their problems. Be ready to study in crazy pace. Learn the maximum from your clients to be able to realize your idea tomorrow better than the day before.

How to find good workers?
In entrepreneurship for good people, money is not the only motivation – they want to believe that their deal is very important. And your obligation is to convince them that your startup does such task. The best place to find people – as usual, network, friends in the info-technology area, different events.

Effective website design is as much important as software development.
If you look at any popular website or app, you’ll see how much efforts are engaged not only into branding but also into UX. If you don’t plan to have a large-scale design then it’s better to find a freelancer or even apply to custom software development company which will deal with web development or app development comprehensively. A Strong brand has a great value for manifest on the crowded market.

Anyone will say you that startup is not for fun.
It’s a hard nervous work and you’ll face with various obstacles on your path. Someday you, maybe, will desire to drop everything and go away carelessly, but another day you’ll feel yourself on the top of happiness.

Don’t be afraid of failure.
Better to try and fail than even not to try at all. A great number of founders failed with their companies before finding the appropriate way.