Offshore software development

It's Okay To Work With People From All Around The World

This software development process, in whose development is engaged an offshore software development company which fits not only for foreign customers. Offshore software development is the international practice of the outsourcing from either the whole work transmit or its parts on development company.

Two factors – temporary limitations and necessary skills are considered. Temporary limitations become critical when it’s needed to solve the new and old apps versions compatibility problems but efforts of a spot qualified staff have to be directed to the other priority direction. In this way ambition of outsourcing company to the qualitative service submitting finds its reflection in a potential building of long-term relations.

Considering an amount of Internet users and companies, it’s obviously that tasks on software development are actual and professionals in these areas are required.

An offshore programming advantages:

Concerning advantages on the offshore programming market in CIS compared with other countries, according to the interrogation data a lot of foreign companies which use on have ever used the CIS programmers groups help, can emphasise such characteristic features:

Company’s ability to manage the non-standard situation, which was necessary for product perfection and the management of the difficult projects. A great number of highly-qualified professionals with mathematical and technical skills, who can solve difficult tasks with the using of technical knowledge. A close to perfection correlation price/quality, which is submitted by CIS companies.

In interviews which have been held since January to February 2017, more than 20 large USA and European corporations were participating. Important to emphasise that they are really different from each other by their sizes and revenue (from a few dozen million dollars to 100 billion dollars), most of them have an experience in using the other countries company’s service. Thus, the enumerated advantages of offshore companies are recognised all over the world.

Most of the respondents emphasised price as a leading factor in choosing of the reserve company-executor. Nevertheless, it’s impossible not to take into consideration requirements for the production or service quality. One of the company’s respondents said about this: “Price is important in any case, but specialist’s skills play a great role too”. Let’s add a high quality of submitted service – and we’ll get almost perfect correlation price/quality, what is, maybe, a leading factor in choice of order executor from CIS.

Anuitex company offers an offshore development service where price and quality are the main indexes of our work!