Test automation: how to avoid common mistakes in software development

New Level of Quality Assurance

Test automation is very useful and important, so use them in following cases
1) Long-lasting projects
If your team has projects lasting more than one year, test automation is the only way to decrease quality assurance cost.
2) Big team
If your team has more than two developers, you should prevent code damage automatically. When there are 3-5 persons involved in development process, it's almost impossible to track and fix such kind of issues, but when a team has 10 or more devs only an automation can prevent this problem.
3) Multiple versions
If your team released numerous versions of the product, patches, rebuilds and so forth, and provides maintenance, testings will use more and more resources. Also, there is a danger of routine that can be broken only with automation.
4) Custom software development services for processing
Manual entering data in the system and doing visual analysis of the results, or sending requests, analyzing the replies that are all real people shouldn’t do every day. But an automatical testing system can make it much more natural.
5) You use Agile with frequent releases
In this case, you have no enough time to test everything manually. So your team can release raw software or use automation to make it faster.

Why do we need auto-test

Automation is the only way to keep development teams away from routine work, that can seriously decrease efficiencies and demotivate. It's extremely important in testing, where the highest level of attention is required.
There is also the wrong opinion that you can replace manual testers with scripts. But there are no scripts or programs which are able to do that, and in next several years, they should not emerge. All that test script can do is to repeat some pre-installed actions and to do signals about something went wrong, so just do a simple test check. But it is done much faster! These features are used to get information about any changes in tested product faster than the human does.

Why automation doesn't work

Automation is not a universal solution. Sometimes it less useful than it seems, especially if there were made mistakes with engineering or planning.
4 common software test automation mistakes
  1. Attempts to save some money engaging testers with lack of qualification. Also, it means that you can't create good testing automation system by sending someone from your team on courses. Alas, it is necessary to engage well-trained specialists.
  2. Attempts of the testing automation implementation without a complete plan of work. So, you should not use it only because it's trendy.
  3. It's too late to do something. The very common problem is attempts to implement automation when the time is wasted.
  4. Engaging students or interns instead of automation to reduce costs. In fact, it leads to rising spends.
Under the engineering solutions, we understand the decisions that engineers are making the development and implementation strategy of automation. This is a selection of tools for software tests, test frameworks, etc.
So by reviewing it is possible to understand that thought out strategy of test automation will not only clean up routine in the process of software development but also improve the efficiency and quality of custom software development.