The Best Business Softwares of 2017

The Best Things Made By Our Competitors in 2017

We totally understand that not every company is possible to order custom software solutions and always happy to share our expertise, so our business analysts and development leads made that list. Our teammates collected and tested the best business software of 2017 that will help you to drive your business.


Quickbooks is one of the software business systems that is used for accounting purposes. This accounting program is flowchart based and it is the closest that any software can get in terms of standards of small businesses. It makes it possible for those that are not accountants to move the books and files from the filing cabinet to the computer. Services like sending invoices to clients to writing out checks, this software does each one of its tasks with only a few clicks.


If a business does not have a blog of their own, they are five years behind the times. Blogs are absolutely a modern business software. Blogs are the best way to share news about a business and their products and/or services so their customers always know what is going on with them. WordPress is the best website to host a business blog. It is very user-friendly and you can have the members of your staff post on the blog as well.

Web Solutions 2017


Mozy is one of the business soft solutions used for backing up files. Backing up files is critical in the business world This process needs to be done on a regular basis in order for any of our businesses to operate the way they should. Mozy is one of the Top business software of 2017 and it can be used to backup business files.


Collaborating with a team of workers is one of the easiest methods to accomplish a task for any business. With Slack, any one of us that hosts a session with the people that are our team members so that we can work together on a project in real time. It has a web-enabled whiteboard where we can upload documents and share files from our desktops and create documents from scratch. For these reasons, this is why Slack is one of the best small business systems software used. 


RTLFirst, the flagship solution created by RT Lawrence utilizes the most modern technology in recognizing handwriting and imaging technology. This business management system is a solution streamlines the process of payment operations by truly reducing our operator data entry staff and keeping the mailroom staffed while speeding up the collection of and processing of funds.

Mobile Solutions of 2017


Not only do the most well-known businesses need to care about their customers, but so do small businesses. For this reason, customer relationship management is one of the most important things in every business. Salesforce is one of the business software and systems that track leads, manages sales, and ensures that customers are followed up in a timely manner. This software does it all. Since it does so much, those of us that use it may need to be educated on how to use it. However, once we learn it, we will see how beneficial it is to our business.

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro is one of the software business systems that we can use instead of Microsoft Access. Those of us that try it will be not disappointed. It is more intuitive than Access Filemaker Pro and it will provide us with high-end like live SQL data support and simple web publishing features that makes it possible for our whole team to get into the required database by using a browser. It has a great variety of templates built into it that will help us with our work a lot.

Yahoo Small Business 

Yahoo small business makes it possible for those of us that own small businesses to undergo a lot of difficult jobs that have to do with e-commerce easily. It also provides simple processing of cards and templates as well.


As business owners, we can also use Thunderbird instead of Outlook. It has the same features as Outlook, but it does not cost anything. It is speedy and it also has a built-in search system.

Zoho Invoice 

Every business needs modern business software that does invoice at some point. Zoho Invoice is pretty much the greatest of invoicing services to help us manage our accounts, create invoices, and print them and send them to people with just the click of a mouse.


Bench will cost between $125 and $315 per month, depending on our monthly business expenses and whether we pay in advance by the month or by the year. It is one of the best business soft solutions used and its features include bookkeeping, end-of-the-year financial statements, help during tax season, and live support from bookkeepers.


The cost of the software is $121 a month. It will provide us with live bank data, keeping track of miles traveled, getting ready for tax season, yearly tax planning, making invoices, online payroll, and third-party integrations. 


InDinero’s services include financing, online bill payments via automatic bank payments or check, invoicing, automatic transaction categorization, receipt matching, reimbursing employees, and inventory recognition. It helps new businesses and small businesses with basic accounting, small and medium-sized businesses with robust accounting, and growing companies with accrual accounts, inventory recognition, and advanced financial reports.


ZipBooks provides accounting services and online invoicing at no charge, but their fee for bookkeeping services is a hundred dollars per month. After our bank accounts are connected, Zipbooks will categorize our business expenses and keep us up-to-date on our financials. This software is very helpful for those of us whose business is in need of invoices for their customers. It will help us create, send, and track the statuses of our invoices. We will also be able to alert our customers of unpaid invoices and ones that have been paid late. Their bookkeeping service is fee-based and it will help us keep our books current, manage our payroll taxes, handling employee self-onboarding, and find tax deductions for us. Their usual client has 10 to 50 customers. Zipbooks is cloud-based, so it can be used on any device that is connected to the internet.

Finance 2017


Wave was made with small businesses and micro-businesses, like consultants and freelancers, most customers that have fewer than ten customers. They serve a range of industries, and their average customers have three to five people that work for them. Their software makes connecting your bank accounts to track income and expenses a very easy process. It automatically creates financial statements, that includes income profit and loss statements, sales tax reports, and balance sheets. Its other main features include being able to create and send out invoices with a professional look to clients, make sales tax reports, sending out automatic payment reminders to customers, and can make it possible to accept credit card payments for invoice payments. Other features that it has are receipt management and scanning through the Wave iOS and Android apps. Connections with third-party applications like PayPal (for payments), Shoeboxed (to help us organize our receipts), and Etsy. They do not charge for the invoicing, receipt scanning, or accounting, but they do charge for credit card processing and payroll services. 


The services that Billy provides are very affordable. They range from $11 to $19 a month. Their services include accounting software, an app for iOS and Android that works best for people that do freelancing or for people that cater to small businesses. It focuses on invoicing and accounts receivable management. The goals of this software include making daily accounting tasks easier, like sending out invoices to clients and keeping track of expenses. Its in-app live support and invoicing features make it better to be used by sole-proprietors and micro business people (like accountants, mechanics, and consultants). This software has an easy start for new users and it can be installed in two minutes or less. Billy also has live chat and email support during weekday business hours. 


The cost of FreshBooks is from $15 to $50 every month. It is good for business owners of businesses of most sizes that send out invoices to their clients. These businesses include freelancers, sole proprietors, and larger companies. The main features of FreshBooks include making custom invoices, tracking expenses and receipts, time tracking software that lets us see how long we or our employees have spent working on a project, the ability to take credit card payments over the internet, financial reports like profit and loss statements, and an application.


Logicbox is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution that is ideal for little to medium-sized companies in a lot of different industries. It provides a suite of standard customer relationship management tasks that can be configured to put into practice and make automated the one-of-a-kind processes and workflows of a company that results in a single, integrated system. The modules that this software has to include salesforce and marketing automation, lead and opportunity management, account and content management and customer support, as well as task, case, and campaign management. Each of these modules can be made to tailor make a one-of-a-kind model for every company. Along with this one-of-a-kind database, Logicbox will also provide us with alerts that are unique to each customer, approvals, and permissions, as well as one-of-a-kind reporting. 


Workfront is a cloud-based project management solution that helps teams make priorities, route, manage, and report on the tasks that they are working on. It is ideal for businesses of any size and industries like information technology, architecture, and accounting. We can utilize many standard reports or create one of our own. This software also provides us with tools to assist with visualizing the work lifecycle to help us keep track of our budgets and schedules for our projects. We can drag and drop tasks to give the tasks out to certain people, transfer tasks, and create a plan for workflows by using the visual interface. The tools used to keep in contact with each other also allow employees, account managers, and executives to collaborate, assign work, track performance and distribute resources needed for a job. 


MindBody is a cloud-based management and appointment scheduling solution that was made to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is utilized typically by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas, massage centers, wellness centers, dance schools, and yoga studios. The features include notifications and alerts for customers, launching targeted market campaigns, and creating and assessing marketing reports. Managers can also that include check-ins and check-outs, role-based permissions, payroll management, and calendar integration.

These software programs are the best top business software of 2017. Of course, they aren't able to meet every business needs as good as custom solutions but they are useful enough and possible to make your day-to-day business running more smart and effective. So, don't be afraid of them and come in 2018 to order your own software!