The best way to design a website

And Let Your Visitors Spend More Time On Your Site

Why on one site can you forget the reason for visiting, reviewing the design, its decoration, elements location, but on another one it’s enough only a few seconds to become blind for at least 5 min because of too bright colors and distorted model? Everything depends on the designer any the way he works with software developer or software development company. Someone is a master in his business, but another one has his hands growing from the wrong place. So, what is web-design? What does it consist of?
Web design is not only external decoration of the site. It should consist of the correctly located elements, but also easily reading the text, and most main thing – it should be convenient for the user. Information arrangement on the site should be clearly well-judged and arranged in the appropriate way. A web – designer must be not only a nice artist and good at matching the colors correctly but also be able to look at his masterpiece by a visitor’s sight.

What makes a good website design

  1. It worth to pay a great attention to the color gamma for your site, especially for a website for business. All the pages must be designed in the same style, not to make the visitor feel complicated and misunderstood, but to make an impression like this site is an informational source. It’s better to use the soft and pastel tones for your website. Avoid very striking and motley colors and please, don’t overdo with graphics.
  2. It’s very important to decide which font to use on your site. It should be easy reading and available for perception. There are a lot of types nowadays, but it’s better to choose the most popular and especially beautiful ones, like Open Sans, Proxima Nova and the other fonts of sans-serif.
  3. Information is the main element of the site (design should emphasize it in different ways and attract attention)
  4. Navigation system should be easy and simple, intuitively clear, and it has to be comfortable for the visitor on your site.
  5. A website has to load quickly. An amount of rejections on a slow site is very great, so in case if it’s a business website it will cause a great client loses. Software development company will help you.
That’s why a question how to do web designing is very simple. You just should follow all the criterions written earlier and to combine your artistic vision and the client’s desires to get a good website design as a result.
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