The Golden age of UX development: the experience of Facebook, AKQA, Unit9 and other companies

Brilliant Inventions of The Last Ten Years


Each of these companies told and showed us about them in their “natural habitat”. Geographically, it can be a  building in a hipster area, several floors in the heart or one of the best in the world of coworking, but the main principle is respected in any case. Top London professionals in the  UX interaction work in such conditions where you want to come not because you must, but because you like being there.There is no necessity to tell you that you are, for example, " young and dynamically developing company"  and the person sees that even the area with the chocolates arranged on a higher level. A potential employee or customer, coming to the perfectly designed and with good taste lux category decorated workspace will not have any doubts that the level of design here will be at the high level.


First of all, it is. One phrase is the most commonly used — "the right people in the room." Right different people who feel and interact in the different ways. As we are talking about the companies that move forward not only their industry,  teams, with the help of which they do it, are organized accordingly. Each has its own test for sanity to choose from many good people those who can be called “his people” Then the staff only help them in the area that they chose to work at.

 It is checked and valued the result of the work (as blasphemous as it sounded in the post-Soviet-minded companies), not the time spending at the working place. Instead of the meetings just for meetings communication Breakfast on Mondays, instead of tracking the employee's presence at work chair — checking his contribution to the development of the company, instead of jumping in sacks on the team buildings — joint campaign to the most urgent cultural events.

Secondly, everything is maxed decentralized. If you met the most pleasant and easy-going person, most likely, it's someone of the directors, the founding father of the company or one of the top professionals at UX on the planet. People choose their own tasks to work on, find with whom and how to make everything better, and then, of course, they are responsible for their work. They all know where they are, and where they want to go. As they say, "less ceremony, more process".



As the scouts say, all that should be is already here. It’s all can be explored by the whole department or just one person in the team. We do not react to the technology, we are just waiting for it. Every technology has its peak — the point when a society becomes ready for it. And wherever this point may be. However even while the technology has not yet reached its peak, they can be confirmed by the research.

The difference between those who do or do not the research, you can see the results of their work. For example, Ustwo designers that help the automotive industry with the innovations. They operate with things such as verification the stress level on the driver's face, adjusts the speed and sound levels by using gestures, displaying only currently required information,  using the results of studies about the muscle memory and so on.


The goal is formulated based on the needs of users.It is tested if the current experience is corresponding to their thoughts and needs. The weak points are identified.To identify the problem before you showed it is not magic, it's engineering. There is a certain amount of time for the solution of the problem, but there are no limits for the designers of the frameworks and methodologies. Each team solves this problem on their own discretion. The customer and the user are required to participate at each stage.

The content strategy from the first day. Metrics. A comparison of the experience. The small teams. The five-day sprints. Work in pairs. Designers are not shared for different roles, so the result that the work goes twice faster.


London designers try to breathe life into what they doing. Develop the design like they love him, and test like hate it. They are looking not for positive moments but for negative ones. Because it is impossible to get false negative moments. For each project, they choose the specific way, using it they will make mistakes.