The most popular profession of 2017 is a web developer. So, who is a web developer?

And How To Become This One?

The main trouble is, a part of employers do not distinguish(or do not want to distinguish) the website coder from the front end developer, —that is clearly written in the job description.
Let's figure out, which skills are different at the job of front end developer and CSS coder:

HTML Developer — has the really small range of work

His task -is to impose the layout that he receives from the designer, using HTML+CSS. Maybe, he knows a little bit how to use JavaScript.
Frond end developer- not just impose the layout:
  • He knows JavaScript good, understands frameworks and libraries (and uses actively some part of them), understands what is "under the hood" on the north side.
  • He is not afraid of preprocessors and compilers: LESS, SASS, GRUNT, GULP.
  • He knows how to work with DOM, API, SVG-оbjects, AJAX и CORS.
  • He can make SQL-request and search in the data.
So as we see front end developer should have really different skills, and to all that amount we should add the understanding of UI/UX-development principles, adaptive and responsive making up, cross browser and cross platform development, and sometimes even app development skills.
Frond end developer should know how to work with control of the (Git, GitHub, CVS etc.) versions, use graphical editors and "play" with templates of different CMS.

Which technologies should master front end developer:

  1. HTML and CSS (also grid and CSS-framework, W3C и WHATWG, HTML5/CSS3 Polyfills)
  2. Preproсessors CSS (Sass, Less, Stylus и т. д.)
  3. JavaScript
  4. Popular frameworks and libraries: jQuery, Angular.JS, React.JS, Backbone.js etc.)
  6. SVG
  7. DOM
  8. HTML5 API
  9. ECMAScript 6
  10. Popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc)
  11. Understand principles of building back end development and know server technology (Node.js, PHP, Ruby, .NET etc) 12) Debugging Tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug, and others)
  12. JavaScript trans papillary (Babel)
  13. Control version tools (Git, GitHub, CVS etc.)
  14. Database and languages of requests (SQL, MySql, NoSQL, MongoDB etc)
  15. Graphical editors (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
What front end developer should know:
  1. cross platform and cross browser development;
  2. progressive enhancement and graceful degradation;
  3. Mobile Software Development;
  4. adaptive and responsive making up;
  5. web fonts;
  6. the principles of SEO-optimization.
Of course, it's in the ideal case.It's always possible to choose some skills for your soul and start to develop yourself at more narrow direction."

Which technologies and tools do front end developers commonly use?

Firstly, it's hard to imagine front end developer that can't work in JavaScript.
Front end platforms statistics confirms this fact:
  • JavaScript is a leader at front end tool by a wide margin (90.5%)
  • The next popular is Angular framework
  • Node.js React 
This trio forms the most popular stack of tools for the WEB developer.
Next, we have prepped a collection of the most popular frameworks and libraries all developers:
  1. NodeJS
  2. AngularJS
  3. NET. Core
  4. React
  5. Cordova
  6. Firebase
  7. Xamarin

Frond end developer career and salary

Frond end developer career as usual starts from HTML coder - it is the most logical and common option.
First, you study the sheaf HTML+CSS, then it is "overflowing" knowledge of JavaScript libraries and frameworks. A future specialist is also exploring the key concepts of building a server part, adds there tools necessary for their chosen specialty. Afterwards, it is polished with the ability to work with the versions of control, graphical editors and understanding of the principles of UI/UX design.
If a newcomer programmer initially knows what area planned to develop, nothing prevents him from studying the key technology stack at once, not by parts. It all depends on goals and time available to future front ends. Any option is acceptable if only the output is a knowledgeable professional.
In general ready front end developer has three main options for development:
  1. horizontal development (to improve as a specialist, thus increasing their value in the labor market);
  2. vertical development (promoted);
  3. diversification development (development of related disciplines, becoming full stack and requalification).
The average salary front end specialist: $68K. So, the profession of a web developer is well paid and interesting. Web developer develops not just software - he develops also himself.  Every day all of the developers approve they skills and show us new beautiful websites.