The new edition of the Scrum Guide: what is added and how to work with it

The Most Popular Management Approach Is About To Become More And More Effective

The required value to achieve transparency is constantly searching for more effective actions and trust among all stakeholders, the authors consider the following:

Commitment to team
Understanding of the necessity to commit themselves to the team, to the organization for the achievement of set goals and tasks for the short period of time. Team understanding that they should do their best to implement everything that they promised to do; the understanding of its real possibilities and, accordingly, taking on realistic commitments. As Jeff Sutherland says, this is one of the foundations of continuous improvement. These actions are aimed to be better people, better teams, better companies.

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A focus on the software process
A focus is a concentration on the nearest team's goal, on the fulfillment of the promise that was given to the product owner and to the customer.The dispersion makes it impossible to make commitments to somebody. Concentration — gives you that opportunity.

Courage is bravery, readiness to change something for the product, customer, and team benefits. It is the ability to try and offer new, despite the risks; the ability to share your ideas, even if you are not sure that they will be accepted or understood correctly. This is the driving force for the positive changes.

Openness in the team's relationships and with the clients when problems are not hidden "under the carpet", and when each team member has a right to vote.This is the only way to really predict what can be delivered to the customer within the prescribed period and to keep the promise. Only when everything has been agreed with achievable goals, with the direction of moving, with selected ways of achieving goals, and only after that, it's possible to commit to yourself all these goals' implementation.

Respect creates trust, openness and mutual understanding. This desire is to carefully listen to and hear each other, not to judge, to blame, to ignore. This desire is to interact effectively to achieve shared goals, guided by necessity and expediency, not by ambitions; it is a recognition of alternative views and ideas that are different from yours, a rational choice of the better idea with a cool head.

Implement Scrum values
Unfortunately, the Scrum Guide says about how to install all these values to your team, how to learn and teach this way of thinking. However, there cannot be one prescription.

Here we consider a sequence of steps, which will help the team to realize and accept the values of Scrum:

1) You can start with a General meeting and open conversation with the entire team (including Product Owner), preferably at the beginning of the project. If this was not done, never too late to start. At the meeting, we should list and write values to the Board of Scrum.
2) Ask each team member write on colored cards/post what each value means for him, how he wanted it to manifest itself in their team.Give 3-5 characteristics to the each value. Get 3-5 cards from each team member.
3) Add up all the cards and get a set of definitions to each value.
4) Make an initial grouping of cards. Gather all the same and similar cards together and give them a name under the appropriate value.
5) We obtain a set of approximately 10-15 definitions for each value.
6) Carry out several iterations to split our cards into 2 groups — "important", "less important". Here you can vote, discuss. But it's important to get 2 equal groups. So something will be sacrificed.Divide "important" again into "important" and "less important" every time.
7) Stop when each value has 3 definitions in the final group of "important."

Thus, for a 2-3 hour meeting, we get a common understanding what Scrum values mean for us and which characteristics we will try to support.

The final definition can be written on a poster or a tree of values so that they will be always visible. On the retrospectives, We recommend to do a review of values, to not let the team forget about them. To discuss what happens, what are the areas of development and how exactly we will work on them. When the team has fully adopted and follow to all values, it is possible to meet again to deepen and extends the understanding of each value and to enter new, more advanced level of interaction.