The Specifics And Required Skills Of Web Development And Software Development

Have You Ever Dreamed to Become a Rockstar Developer?

A software developer builds software. This includes web-based applications, mobile applications, and desktop programs. A software developer is also called a computer programmer. Every individual who works in web development is also a software engineer but only builds web-based applications. The salary for both is approximately the same, and they both often work on the same applications. 


Web Development

There are three skills all web developers must possess. The first skill a web developer requires is following directions. The codes and programs used are often written by someone else, and the code used is generally explained in writing. Following directions is critical to understanding the code. A web developer must pay strict attention to the smallest details because if there are any errors in punctuation or spelling, the code will not work. The instructions explaining the code must be used to make certain the code has been typed accordingly.
Custom web application development involves the CRUD concept. This stands for creating, write, update, destroy. Most applications that are driven by data will push data directly into the database and pull data out. No matter what data is being used, there is a pattern that remains the same. Minor details will cause slight modifications, but the pattern of the code will not change. It is important to customize similar codes so they are tailored to specific cases. The pattern allows the developer to store comments into the database. A developer can look at all the codes they have ever used, be able to see the patterns and follow them exactly. This skill takes the experience to master but eventually becomes second nature to a web developer. 
There are numerous problems facing a web developer, and they are usually solved with a framework. In most instances, this requires one line of code. An understanding of the framework is necessary and involves learning the principles of one-line code commands. Once this is mastered, the framework can do everything else. Some problems are more complex, and cannot be solved with a single code line. Multiple lines of code are necessary to solve these problems. The problem must be broken down into single lines of code. Then the problems can be fed into a computer, and a solution generated. This is important in web-based application development and is referred to as writing an algorithm. Most problems can only be solved if the web developer has a full understanding of the code. 


Web Software Development 

Software development is a process used to create software programs. This is done in stages and is referred to as the systems development life cycle, or SDLC. The software is designed using these methodologies so it is specific to the individual's needs of a business. This takes the software from conception to creation, to deployment, and finally to production. Although the specific project is always a consideration, most web-based software development will support maintenance. 
The most common model used by a software developer is called the waterfall model. This is the original method, is sequential, linear, and has specific stages that must be performed in order. The order is as follows:
  • The required software must be identified
  • The requirements of the software must be thoroughly analyzed
  • The requirements for the software must be specifically detailed
  • The software is designed
  • The software is programmed into the system
  • The software is tested to assure proper functionality
  • The software is maintained for future performance
The waterfall model and many models with similarities are called predictive methodologies. There are other models including:
  1. The fountain models
  2. Rapid application development, or RAD
  3. Agile software development, or ASD
  4. The spiral models
  5. Joint application building, or JAD
  6. Open source software development, or OSSD
Software development began in approximately 1810. A specific pattern of holes punched into cardstock was developed by Joseph Marie Jacquard. This provided guidance to the patterns his looms wove. The first actual language developed for programming occurred in 1949. This was accomplished by John Mauchly, and was called Brief Code, although it was eventually changed to Short Code. 

Computers Regarding Web and Software Development

Computers can solve numerous types of problems, but this is accomplished differently than with people. A computer requires instructions that are highly detailed, and unambiguous. Both web and software development requires the ability to take instructions that are vague and convert them into a series of instructions a computer can understand. This is accomplished with a serious of steps to change the language into a pattern a computer can use to perform specific tasks. This takes data, transforms the format, and is a skill constantly used in programming. This means to become a successful developer, the conversion of vague instructions into accurate computer codes must be mastered. This skill is generally developed naturally by working with complex coding challenges. 

The Basic Principles of Web and Software Development

Programming skills are necessary for any type of software, and web development. This requires the ability to solve problems manually and program a computer to provide a solution to the same issue. This can be time-consuming and require a lot of research, but every programmer believes it is possible and can be accomplished. Learning the language used to program computers is so important because of the vast number of problems that require numerous lines of code to solve. The ability to write algorithms, break apart problems, and provide a code a computer can read is critical for success. 
Computer Science
Computer science provides basic skills necessary for programming. Social media tracks where every post, comment, and reply originates. This is accomplished with computer codes and algorithms. If these factors are not understood, the algorithms will be unsuccessful, and any problems encountered will remain unsolved. The understanding of the principles of computer science provides developers with a distinct advantage. They will understand how to correctly deal with data, codes, and algorithms in a way anyone unfamiliar with computer science will not. Programming is basically the ability to solve complex issues, in real time, in the real world. 
Computer science allows both software and web developers to write code that is much quicker. There can be two completely different programs designed for computers that have the exact same amount of code lines. The speed of each program can differ drastically. Understanding computer science provides a developer with tools that can analyze a code, increase the performance, and the speed. This is a proven concept referred to as Big O Notation. The theory of what gives programs the ability to run quicker or slower allows a programmer to develop programs that are much quicker than many programmers can understand. One of the major elements for a developer is how well an algorithm can be written. This skill is tested during an interview process regarding employment. Many computer science topics are included due to their job relevance. 
Bootcamps for Coding
Coding has become so important with modern technology, bootcamps have been established to teach the necessary skills. No web or software developer will be able to find employment, or success without the ability to write algorithms, or successfully program a computer. This is true for any job as a developer, in every field, and every industry. This is one of the first steps a developer must take to become successful in their field. One of the biggest issues with a coding bootcamp is the difficulty involved in teaching how arbitrary problems are best solved. Another problem is these camps take students way out of their comfort zones. The ability to understand, and follow patterns, and instructions is a lot much easier than learning how complex algorithms are written, by using the advanced properties found in computer science. 
The ability to code can take a long time to learn, and the information required is very advanced. The instructor must be skillful in every stage of coding to successfully teach the students. The problem is, many bootcamps use their students to fill the role of instructors. They usually lack the experience necessary in the real world to understand using computer science outside of the classroom. There are also many bootcamps whose instructors have the real-world knowledge necessary to teach the concepts required to their student. When a developer does not have these skills, they do not have the ability to get through the technicalities involved in the interview process and are unable to secure employment. A coding bootcamp must have instructors with years of experience in coding, programming, algorithms, and problem solving to be an effective teacher. These topics hold incredible importance for the web, and software developers to effectively solve critical problems, and find the corresponding solutions necessary for them to be in demand within their fields.