The Top Five Management Accounting Software Packages Available In 2017 That Every Small Business Should Use

The Best Solutions For Small Business Before Ordering Custom Software


There are many accounting software solutions available to small businesses these days. We have found that many of the basic accounting apps on the market today are nothing more than an old solution package dressed up in a new suit. 
We have found the SaaS solutions to be one of the better options. Sass offers a flexibility with their account management software for small business solutions that no one else does.

Here is a list of 5 simple accounting solutions and apps that will work to your benefit

1) Freshbooks is at the top of the list. This solution package is great for those who freelance and those who own a small business. This solutions package comes in a simple accounting app format but has the flexibility to expand. This package has got the basic account invoicing and payment plan. The package has great API and tax add-ons. We figure you can add the tax extra you need to and get rid of those you do not. 
We have tested this package out as an online accounting app for your mobile device. Users will have a clean interface. It is compatible with most Android and other mobile devices.
2) The next one is called Xero. How many of you are familiar with Quickbooks? We figure it has the same feel and accessibility but it comes with more feature. Xero is not just your basic accounting software app. There is something called Mac Integration. Mac Integration goes way beyond a simple plug-in. The integration connects the user to the MAC UI. 
This app package solution comes with banking options, payroll processing, a balance sheet, etc. The only downside we have found with this is that it does not have a direct connection with U.S. banking operations. There is an easy fix with this. Hook the app up to your banking institution and you will be good to go. There is a free trial available with this app solution. Try it out and see how it works. You can always opt out once you are sure.
3) The third option is Quickbooks Online. We mentioned this one above. Beginner and experienced users can use this app. The only downside to this option is the lack of full-time support. Users will have to go to a third-party vendor under the QuickBooks umbrella to get the full experience. This will only affect users who require the optimum level of support. The rest of you should not find this to be a problem.
4) Zoho Books is the fourth one on the list. This is one of the more extensive basic app solutions to use. Freshbooks comes pretty close when doing a comparison. The only thing Freshbooks lacks is the customized template. The other thing it lacks is the free trial. We have found that you do have to pay an introductory price of $9 to start out. You can upgrade, but it is will cost you more. 
5) The final choice on the list is Wave. It is one of the more basic accounting apps on the list. It offers everything a basic app will and more. This one combines both the premium advantage and the free trial. It is great for those who freelance, consult or who own a small business. What we mean by small business is someone who has a staff of nine or fewer. It is great for companies on a restricted budget. The app is so basic that more complex math has to be done through another source. 

Comparing All Five

We did a small comparison of each one. Each one in the top five has their own pros and cons. We have made a small list of you down below. 

Easy To Use

They are all winners in this category. They all have a clean interface. We find that those who are non-accountants can use them as easily as the next person. Throughout all our tests we did draw two conclusions. QuickBooks is the solution more widely used. Freshbooks is the one that is the more responsive. 

The Key Features and Other Extras

The two are the top are Zoho Books and Freshbooks. We have found that there is a hit or miss issue with this section. Some offer more features and some offer less. Our takeaway is that Quickbooks is the more popular brand with the least amount of features. Zoho Books is the opposite. It has the most features out of all five, but it is not nearly as popular as some of the others. This lack of popularity may stem from lack of knowledge. Not many people know about Zoho Books. We are hoping that with this content more people will find out about it and use it. 

The Compatibility

Xero is the one with the most integrations. This one can integrate with more than 200 apps at one time. These apps include G-Suite and Paypal. Those of you who use Mac are going to love this one. Do not take our word for it. Try it out and see for yourself.
Quickbooks and Wave also have some built-in Mac plugins but they do not compare to Xero. Our takeaway is that Xero is the winner in this category and Wave is the one that loses out. Wave is still a good one to use. We would not be putting on the list if it was not good, but it still not the better option.

The Price

Wave is the primary winner here. It is so cost-effective it is free. The only difference here is that Wave offers features that most free app solutions do not. The only downside with Wave is that it does not offer management or payment processing. It is going to display ads too. You will also have to use another app to coincide with your business growing. 
Freshbooks is a good backup. The features are going to be limited. We find this is a good fit for those who have 3 clients or less, but it is good for moving your business forward. 
  1. Quickbooks is $10 a month.
  2. Zoho is $9 a month.
  3. Xero is going to be $7 a month.
The rest of them fall into place accordingly. Our takeaway here is Wave is the better option for freemium, while Freshbooks is going to have more options with scalability.

The Support

We find that no matter how good your app solution is you will need support for something. The more options a vendor offers, the better your service will be. The two solutions that ace the test here are Zoho Books and Freshbooks. 
Quickbooks is only going to give you a knowledge-based support. Our sources tell us you can get support from a third-party that is tied to them. The only problem is you have to pay a fee. Xero and Wave offer no support at all. 


The Security

This subject is very sensitive to most people. You need security that is safe and not going to cause a breach in any way. Zoho Books and Xero are at the top of the list here. The other three have limitations in one way or another. Trust us on this one. Zoho Books and Xero are the winners here.

Five Suggestions On How To Make the Most Out Of Your Accounting App Solutions

No matter what app you choose to use you will need some help utilizing them. Here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of your accounting app.
  1. We suggest you take a look at how you work with your accountant. When you make the choice to use one of these solutions you have to reassess your tasks. Some of your accountant's daily roles may be reduced. Using an accounting app reduces the need for certain jobs to be performed.
  2. Go mobile. This is going to save you lots of time and money. 
  3. Your staff will need to learn how to use these solutions. You may have to delegate certain tasks to specific people. This will give your staff greater responsibility and transparency. It will also cut down on your staff asking so many questions. 
  4. Talk to your staff. Find out what add-ons and extra they need and how familiar they are with the features. You may have to choose an app that offers more or less than what you initially needed. Your staff plays a vital role in this. Utilize them.
  5. Your accounting app is going to give you a better overall picture of your sales patterns. There may be a lot you do not know about. These apps are great at seeing where you are breaking sales records, breaking even, and coming up short. Seeing which customers are repeat buyers offer you a great window for giving discounts.
You also can order your own apps development for extra possibilities.