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How To Become Rich In 2017

When is an inappropriate time to hurry?

You shouldn’t invest in those technologies which will be able to bring the income later than in 10 years. For example, “smart” dust, 4D-printing, neuromorphic micro-schemes, neurocomputer interfaces – all if these are innovational technologies, but investing in them can be early.  It would be senseless to invest money into the development of mobile app before customers to bought enough number of smartphones. And this method works for any technic. Those who have invested in app development business in time now enjoys boom on the app market.

Which technologies it’s time to invest in?

Investors can confidently “enter” into technologies which will be used by the mass audience earlier than in 10 years. Because of terms of the deal, according to which investor works with the company, as a rule, constitutes three-five years. There will be a list of ideas below, in which you can invest.

Virtual and augmented reality

Technologies of virtual (VR) and augmented reality have already conquered the markets: start-up, the latest technology in software development are created. Customers buy and adapt technologies with pleasure – it confirms once again that it’s time to invest in this segment.

This tracking system exactly the object’s location in the real and virtual worlds: if you take a cup of coffee, your avatar in the virtual does the same. But this cup can turn out into a wine glass with Burgundy or a luxuriously encrusted dagger. Now VR is so much in the trend that there just were no problems with the investment searching. “After starting showing the cases in 2015, based on the transmission of the sense of height, in which a man was virtually carried to the skyscraper’s roof, the grapevine spread information about such projects and almost at the same time it became the main investment topic.

Smart robots

If children ask the VR helmet HTC Vive for New Year and all the rest agreed that future is on the VR’s side, so a question about the further development of robot-technics in the mass segment still stays open. How fast will the new generation robots enter into our daily life?

Projects directed to the smart robot creation, built on a base of neural chains became the main investor’s topic, beginning in 2014. The principal question during the bargain was: is it the correct time to invest in this technology? – After making a decision started the first multi-functional prototypes projects and now sales break all the records. Why? Everything’s easy: you just put the ready robot in the mall, there will be a crowd around it, it will be noticed by merchants and everybody will start to buy your robot.

Nowadays the smart robot’s task is to increase the efficiency of a business. On this universal robot-technical platform the programmers can write code according to the specific company’s aims. And now work can teach how to consult the customers in a shoe store, to perform excursions in museums or to help the customers in the bank. It can communicate, sell, organize the navigation… with such a function we have all chances to reach the leading positions on the world market.

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