Top 10 books for launching a successful startup

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If you want to start your own business don't content yourself with the only knowledge you get from school and your imagination about forthcoming startup! There are lots of interesting materials collected by various entrepreneurs in different business domains: from fast food restaurants to banking and IT. We made a selection from the 10 best books for ones, who want to start a business.

The best books for startups


1. The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries

The book about the best ways to prevent failure of a startup, which has to be on the top every businessman's table. There are lots of useful information about innovations and automatizations for everybody, who rule companies or want to do it. Also, it's about unique approach what can reduce wasting of time in hours of plannings and reports discovering. The most valuable, key advice of the author is "never spend your time and develop yourself".

2. The Scrum Guide by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber

Today Scrum Methodology is really mainstream. Not only in software development but in various business domains, even not related to IT, it is frequently used and beloved by entrepreneurs. So, if you are starting a business with employees read it and use in your workflow!

3. Deadline. A novel about project management by Tom DeMarco

Maybe the best text about project management! While working with a team you should carry it everywhere as a bibble. It gives reliable answers on numerous questions emerging before project managers and team leads in an easy-to-read format. You also should buy or download this book if you want to start a business without a stable team. In this case, there would be some issues with communications similar to described in "Deadline..."
In sum, there is very interesting and useful novel without special slang, which could be interesting for both students of profile courses and officers in huge corporations.

4. The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt

Have you ever heard about Theory of Constraints? No? The first you must do today is order a copy of 'The Goal'. Over two millions copies of this book were sold and hundreds of business schools and companies from small start-ups to industrial giants discovered and loved it! On pages of 'The Goal' you can read about how the new management approach helps to overcome obstacles and change American business.
The language of the book is also very pleasant and easy to understand, so it's possible to start involving new knowledge immediately.


5. Blue ocean strategy W. by Chan Kim and Renee Mobina

It seems like we found LorR of the business world! This book is based on the 30 pieces of research and over 100 years of experience, but it's only about one statement. Look for your blue oceans and leave red oceans for losers! It means don't be afraid of the new areas without hard competitions and full of demand because the huge discovery says that entrepreneurs can be successful only in blue oceans.

6. Perfect head by Ichak Adizes

The first book in the trilogy for managers, entrepreneurs, and team leaders. It tells about how to become a really effective leader without strange and impossible to use recommendations. Writing the book author doesn't make a focus on the personality of manager, but tries to give answers on the questions such as 'How to prevent conflicts?' or 'How to manage the financial part of the company?'

7. From good to great. Why some companies make the leap... and others don't by Jim Collins

5-year research conducted by Jim Collins, which tells about 11 'great' companies showed almost impossible temps of growth. This book can open eyes of the beginners in business and prevent various mistakes. Read it if you don't want to spare your time and money in vain.

8. Customers for life by Carl Sewell

One of the greatest books about business! It is interesting as popular fantasy and very useful. The book tells the story of Dallas Cadillac dealership, that became one of the biggest American companies through unique customers' management and innovative approach. It's a really wonderful story changing the world of business and sets up new standards.


9. Rework: business without prejudice by Jason Fraida and David Heinemeier of Henson

A wonderful fundamental work about some things which seem really strange for most of all old businessmen. It tells why you shouldn't waste your time on planning and search of investors, why competitions mean nothing and why everybody has to rest enough. Some statements in this book look provocative, but they really work! We can prove it!

10. From zero to one by Peter Thiel



This book discovers one of the mysterious secrets of nowadays. Peter Theil doesn't believe that today the technical progress really exists and gives a lot of proofs we can trust. In this way, he gives an advice to dream and find something new. So, don't be afraid of novel solutions and try to invent them in any business area!