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How To Create An App Of The Year

As was forecasted by our colleagues custom software development company Anuitex, in 2016 popularity on AR apps with augmented reality was growing in retail, tourism and educational areas. Also, the trend in cross-platform development doesn't fall behind the mobile apps on all possible frameworks (Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, PhoneGap). How much effective it was you’ll see in some time, but now we’ll write about the main specialties and tendencies of mobile apps in 2017.

Here are TOP 5 trends of mobile apps, which, to your mind, will form the mobile apps marketplace in the future year.

Android app development – android popularity

Android gains the popularity. Google has improved the guidance for developers and operating system security. By 2020 we expect Google Play to overtake the App Store not only by the number of installations of the apps but also from the side of monetization. If to think about app development software services to launch the mobile application the next year, think about how to release the Android version of the app. Though, choice of the platform still depends on the preferences of your target audience.

Corporate mobile apps

The tendency of Bring Your Own Device is changing. Finally, companies began to realize that their existing corporative software didn’t serve to increase productivity, especially to reduce the maintenance costs. That’s why demand for of the corporative mobile apps will grow. In a mobile development focus shifts to micro-applications that allow the employees to access certain functions of the corporative solutions on the smartphone. Mobility is a key business - the initiative that helps the business to be more flexible for customers and workers.


Internet of things, the surrounding objects which can be managed at a distance through the devices, becomes a new reality. A number of connected devices according to the0forecasts will reach 50 billion units all over the world by 2020. The potential of the IoT is huge: medicine, transportation, energy, security – it can be continued indefinitely. It’s important to understand that this is the beginning of technology development. A question of security is left opened: the gigabytes of data require the powerful tools to protect them from hackers. Welcome to the future!

Interactive push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most popular features in the app. We expect that they will be the base of driving force, helping companies to interact with the target

audience. Via push users learn about great deals, promotions and news, receive the personalized offers without opening the app. It saves time and a battery life term. To make such cooperation more successful for both sides, notifications have to become more personal and interactive.

Lightweight apps

There are loaded dozens of applications on our smartphones, and we want to expand its list. It’s not a surprise that the device memory ends quickly. The conclusion suggests itself - you need more space to download. We expect the applications with streaming data and less demand to the power consumption will become even more popular the next year.

In 2017 the global mobile apps marketplace will reach $77 billion. You think it's too late to enter the mobile marketplace? It is difficult to create a better time to order the app development software!