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The proper software for a small to medium size business can be the difference between meeting goals in a timely fashion or falling short amidst working 80+hrs a week. It can be the difference between success and failure. There are many different facets of properly running a business and in this modern competitive market, any edge that can be gained from technology is a valued asset. Different categories of business management software solutions range from accounting, customer relationship management, project management, help desk, human resources, marketing, field service management, to learning management systems, and more. More information about the best software solutions for small business follows. 

Accounting Programs

Accounting and crunching the right numbers can determine a successful thriving company or one going out of business. Staying on top of accounts payable and receivable, revenue and expenses, taxes, and other financial data are all critical for the bottom line of a company. This is particularly true for small business as one major hiccup can be disastrous. Business owners and employees do not have to tackle this task alone as these are amazing online accounting programs for small business available. For example, Freshbooks is considered one of the premier accounting programs for business and for good reason. It has won numerous awards in recent years and is inexpensive with extensive customer support. The program features invoicing, payment processing, tax management, and much more. There is an impressive mobile app with the software and a free trial period available. Quickbooks Online has been an industry leader in accounting software for a long time and it’s longevity comes at no surprise. It is the most popular and one of the most reputable programs. It is used by small, medium, and large sized companies alike. It features a full range of accounting services and has been used by over 2 million clients. Accounting statements such as profit-loss, cash flow, balance sheets and more are easily integrated into a user-friendly system. Xero is a program that is highly respected and is considered a more complex version of Quickbooks. Xero features all of the basics along with bank reconciliation and payroll modules. It stands out from the crowd by having Mac Integration that connects to the Mac UI, not just a plugin. A system like Wave may be the best app for small business accounting. Most ideal for contractors, freelancers, and small business with a single digit number of employees. This program is basic and extremely user-friendly. However, larger small businesses may need a more robust accounting program to perfectly meet their needs. Navigating through these various accounting programs for small business is our specialty.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software deals with managing information related to customer data, automated sales, and specific business information. This is vital to keep accurate records with customers and clients, but also with suppliers and partners. HubSpot CRM is very special as it displays critical customer information in an easy visual format. It allows companies to compare successful and failed accounts and appointments, view schedules, and monitor performance with goals. It has extensive search criteria within stored data with applicable filters. HubSpot CRM is a valued asset with not only managing but enhancing customer-related data. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a very user-friendly CRM solution with the specific goal to increase profit and customer relations. This system helps generate leads, enhance customer relations, and make management easier. This type of CRM solution doesn’t require the download of any specific software nor hardware as it is web-based. It requires an easy log in through the website and access to all of its features is available. AmoCRM is focused on increasing leads and sales and is ranked as a top CRM solution in various ranking systems. This software is also ranked as one of the most affordable and user-friendly on the market.

Project Management Software

Project management, in general, involves time-sensitive monitoring, coordination, and management of a project that must be integrated into the overall strategy of a company. These projects can involve one person in a single location or a plethora of associates spread across the globe. Project management software helps ensure that projects are on track to meet goals and that the goals are accurately accomplished. We take this aspect of business seriously and can help assist you with securing efficient software solutions to meet the needs of your small business. There is no longer the need to be overwhelmed with toggling between different online tools and spreadsheets when one program can efficiently manage a project from the beginning to end. Without PM programs much time can be wasted and variables and anomalies can go un-noticed and undermine the success of the project. 

Help Desk Software

Help Desk software provides essential support for customers and users of various services. It creates automated assistance for technical support, ticket management, reporting, and more. This minimizes customers having extensive wait/response time and ensures no one is forgotten by falling through cracks. Great customer relations and service is important for the growth of small business. Customers and clients want to feel important and this is critical to repeat business. The greatest product at the cheapest price is not enough to fully promote new business and customer retention. We can help you make your customer base feel as important as royalty with high-quality help desk software. 

Human Resources Software

The customers aren’t the only demographic that small business needs to worry about taking care of. The most valued asset of any company is the human resources. The right human resources software can help a company run like a well-oiled machine. Reducing employee turnover rate while promoting an excellent organizational culture are just a couple of the many advantages of such software. It assists human resource managers and professionals with features such as payroll, benefits, recruitment, new hire details, disciplinary action and more. Employees will have a database to update and monitor things such as hours worked, holiday pay, bonuses, and other aspects of being an employee of a company. We have seen employees quit companies because of being paid late or inaccurately and this is particularly unfortunate as it can be easily avoided. Let us help you ensure your human resources are being adequately tended to with top of the line HR management software

Email Marketing Software

Proper marketing is the driving force for small business to grow to intermediate and big business. The internet allows the biggest platform to advertise to potential new customers for any company. There are various ways to promote and market online, but one of the tried and tested methods that is most effective is email marketing. This strategy can be done manually with tedious work from multiple employees. The time, energy, and money wasted to pay workers to do this is not good business when there is email marketing software available that is leaps and bounds more efficient. Email marketing software can help locate demographics that are most likely to be potential customers and can email thousands of people a month. These software programs can also integrate with social media to truly provide favorable results. Just because you are a small business does not mean you have to remain a small business and we can help you grow with these IT solutions.

Field Service Management Software

This type of software is highly important for companies that have employees of the company site en route and at different locations. This could be representatives having meetings with clients, making deliveries, negotiating with suppliers, doing off-site construction, appraising property, and more. Companies involved in the shipping or transportation industries have even higher need for this type of software. However, even companies that dispatch housekeeping, landscaping, or traveling nurse services have a higher need as well. Properly monitoring scheduling, vehicles, appointments, downtime, and employee safety is now easier than ever. GPS is often used to identify a location of company vehicles and employees and many of these programs are compatible with mobile devices to get real-time information on the go. We are specialists in getting you connected with the right field service management software for any company.

Learning Management System

Learning Management solutions allows employees or students to set up online educational classes and training. It sets up, monitors, grades, and informs those in the online learning environment. Small educational institutions will find this basically a requirement to properly meet goals and be competitive. However, no matter the industry, training new employees and continuing education can be more easily accomplished with LMS solutions versus it being manually done on paper. Knowledge is power and these IT systems increase the knowledge of classrooms and workforces everywhere. 



There are many options when considering small business software programs. Almost every discipline of business administration has small business programs for pc available to help the business grow and run more smoothly. The plethora of options can be overwhelming and we are here to help ensure that the best selections are made for each respective company. Being in small business can be very exciting as growth is very rewarding. We are here to serve and help facilitate that growth so profits and mission statements are accomplished with business software programs for small business.