UX developer isn't a superman - he can't change the world but he can increase the conversion and ROI

Maximizing Conversions Through The Smart Solutions

A few years ago this role came out from the interface designers competence and had been formed into the separated profession in the scope of product creation and its management metatask.

Designers with the perennial work experience can often be very conservative and committed to principles, which appeared in the IT-environment on the centuries frontier when there were neither iPhones nor iPads. There was an opinion that only a cool bearded man who was painting designs for those the first – Google, only he knows how to create a comfortable and effective interface from the business point of view. In fact, those old base goes far and far away from the reality. The World needs new Ux’ers. Besides, in a great quantity. 

Everything grows and changes

Analysts and visionaries find new technology trends every year and, as a rule, in every new list, the User Experience is a decisive factor of the most part of observing progress. An importance of this direction in development and changing of the product is confirmed by the growing demand for UX developer and UX-designer. As a result, salaries proposed them grow up too. The median annual salary which is proposed to the managers of UX direction grew by 45% compared with the previous year index and reached £80 000 in a year. A lot of market participants are sure that demand on UX’ers will grow in the nearest years.

It can be because of the growing abundance and variety of mobile apps and smart gadgets. There are more than 10 million iOS-devices, 40 million Android devices and approximately 8 million TVs with Smart TV maintenance only on the USA market. Also, there are other mobile platforms, desktops, smart watches, car entertaining systems… Their diversity leads to the necessity to develop the seamless mechanisms of interaction and transition during the work with the same service to different platforms.  
Even easier: online-shop customers, using the service on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet and the smartwatch has to feel the integrity and saved fullness of app’s functional.

Electronics market continues to saturate with the different format and using manner gadgets. Besides, more of them support loading the apps which expand the standard functions. It means that for UX-specialist is vitally necessary to update knowledge about the feature of every device. His morning begins with a reading of Engadget, The Verge, TechCrunch and the other issues, which write about the gadgets. In the midday, he explores cases and hacks in blogs. And in the evening tests the top apps updates.

Why UX is so important!

From the convenience of the site and app depends on the customer does one or another action. For example, the complexity of information research reduces the longevity of man’s location on the site from 2 times, the more actions a person need to commit one or another action reduces the conversion in general on 20%.

“Pureness” of your product of complexity using guarantee can increase absolutely all the indexes because all loved Google is so easy and understandable that it’s very difficult to refuse its using. And all of this is because of its literate UX design and software.

We cope with available and understandable software development and we actually know how UX works.