Web Development to Enhance Your Business

Opportunities of Offshore Web Development Services

The world’s technology today has grown and matured. Businesses who use the internet as part of their business plan give themselves an advantage over outdated competitors who stick to strictly brick and mortar standards. A creative and effective website can provide many upgrades to a business, and it isn’t complicated or difficult to do. Here are some hints on setting up a plan for your own web app development.

1. Planning is essential

Just as you started your business with a marketing plan, it is important to plan your web application development. If you fail to plan you can plan to fail. Here are some ideas that need to go into your strategy:

  • Your digital strategy should align directly with your business goals. If these don’t match, you will find gaps that will be difficult to fix. 
  • As you budget, including both digital and marketing plans to ensure you put aside enough capital.
  • Your budget should be strict and allow for any contingencies and a minimum of $1000 dollars.
  • Your domain name is important, so try for a high level one and try to get if for dot com. 


2. Make informed choices about the build of your website design and development

There are 3 options for you to consider:

  • You can seek a web designer to do the work. They usually send you a document for briefing them on your particular needs.
  • You can go to a hosted website whose job it is to guide you through the process of creating a design for your website. These websites will most often charge you with a monthly subscription. 
  • Do-it-yourself. You can simply choose a provider to host and a software platform and build your own website.


3. Conduct research of your own by asking online forums for feedback on particular companies.

  • Make sure your hosting provider has a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • It is not wise to share a hosting plan with your co-web designer-things could go bad and create fiction.
  • You should try out the customer support channels before you commit yourself to a hosting agreement.


4. Find a high-quality CMS (Construct Management System) or building platform. 

  • Test the company’s platform features by looking at the current and potential website and making sure it lines up with your marketing plan.
  • If you will be selling services or products-ensure that this platform is compatible with e-business or e-commerce development.
  • Pay close attention to design and the usability of the site. 
  • The design of a website is critical to building trust with your customers. They need to be able to quickly find what they are looking for or sales information.
  • Your website should streamline your sales process. It can also capture important information about the demographics of customers and potential buyers.
  • An effective website can process sales transactions quickly


5. There are important things to remember when setting up your website

  • Create navigation that is simple to use and consistently places your company name on search sites.
  • Gimmicks do not work. Instead, they tend to distract your user’s attention from the focus of the content.
  • Create a sitemap (HTML) that represents the purpose of website’s outline
  • Make sure you meet compliance with the Web Content Access Guideline


6. Strategize your content-writing for a website is much different than other writing

  • Map out what content you need and consider things you will need in the future
  • You must capture a web visitor’s attention in just a few seconds so avoid wordy paragraphs.


7. Optimize Your Website

  • Ensure your website works in most browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome
  • Your website must work effectively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • It should be quick-loading; you can check the speed of your website using Google speed tools
  • XHTML and CSS are must have requirements


8. Customers can be engaged through online marketing

Online marketing done in the right way can be effective in informing potential customers or users. Social media like Facebook are wonderful options to advertise and promote.


9. Website Analytics is a critical consideration.

It is imperative to have a solid security program that goes beyond your web host. Consider an external monitoring service that protects all of your information. Use nonstandard usernames and passwords beyond the usual “Admin,” and Password 123”


10. Keep your website up to date

  • Periodically look at your website through the eyes of customers; look for any navigational problems or misinformation.
  • Encourage constant feedback from those who visit your site. This information can be extremely helpful.
  • Join forums and groups that discuss web solutions to keep current with the technology


Offshore Web Development

Some companies decide to outsource the maintenance of their website. There are some advantages to this:

  1. Offshore web companies are often less expensive than keeping it all in the United States
  2. Your company may save in overhead costs. 
  3. Your company brand gains a diversity that helps sales. 



  1. Simple things like language can be a barrier to overcome
  2. Personnel problems are more difficult to resolve from a long distance 
  3. Workflow issues may come up with different time zones


There are some things you can do to make your OSD a success. Try to be part of the choosing process. This can help educate you on a company’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps to be very selective in the process because it is a challenge to know someone from so far away. Get references and ratings from those who have used the company as well as looking for information in print or online regarding performance


Quick Guide to Picking a Domain name:

  1. Think about some of your most important keywords for your business. Look at the top ten and combine them in a clever way to reveal your domain name.
  2. Make your name memorable and easy to spell. You don’t want your customers struggling with a difficult name because a mistaken domain may lead them away from you.
  3. Short Domain names work best because they are easy to remember and catchy
  4. Beware of copyright infringement.
  5. Stay away from hyphens or numbers in your domain name. These are a nightmare for customers to navigate.


Summary of things you need to build an effective website

  • Business email address
  • Name of domain
  • Hosting (website)
  • Image Editor
  • Google Analytics
  • Exceptional imaging
  • Logo that is unique and creative


Organizational Tips for your website

  1. Beginning with your menu-organize your web page to flow effectively and easily
  2. Populate the web pages with short statements or categories
  3. Ensure your images are sharp and colorful
  4. Test your page often for accuracy and speed
  5. Preview material before putting it on your site. 


All businesses today need to have a presence on the internet. It may seem daunting to create your own website but the technology tools available today make it understandable and doable. No longer are domains and web hosts just concepts used by tech nerds. Anyone can establish a website that is creative and profitable.

You must reach the online world if you want your business to be a success. Even if you don’t sell things, your business still needs a webpage. Think of it as a copy of your business card being extended around the world. You can’t pay for that type of exposure otherwise. Websites are the key to the present and the future of doing business. If you prepare carefully and maintain your site consistently, you will see an increase in your saturation of the market. Challenge yourself to take the first step and whether you do it all yourself or let a company assist you-the end results are worth all the work. 


Final Considerations

Add a mission statement to the front page of your website. State what you want to accomplish, how you got to this point and why this is important to you. Many visitors are drawn into a company because of altruistic intentions.

Avoid industry jargon or inside techniques. Use words that your customers will understand and actually use themselves. 

Don’t forget a call to action. You have gotten the interest of the customer to make it quick an easy for them to click a button and make a choice. Once someone is engaged, they are more likely to buy something. Buttons like: “Click to view,” or “Open an account” prod the user to take action.

The Six Foot Test. Pull up the homepage of your website on your own computer. Stand back si feet and see if you can readily identify the purpose of your company. Ask others to do the same. If you can’t easily tell, you need to simplify your message. You only have a few seconds to capture readers. 

Take advantage of social reviews. If you find some positive feedback from actual customers on a social media site, capture the quote and place it prominently on your webpage. 

Testimonials are another excellent tool for using on your website. Dedicate an entire page to testimonials from real customers. Online shoppers who have been surveyed say that the reviews and testimonials are more relevant to them than even pricing. 

Staff pages are also popular with online shoppers. If you dedicate a page introducing your team with pictures and short bios, the customer begins to feel as if they know you. Having direct access to staff through email is quite popular too.

You must go mobile. Having a webpage that is easily navigable is crucial to a successful business. Google has even started a new policy that promotes sites with mobile apps first over websites that don’t promote mobile shopping.

Have a place where you can collect email information from your viewers. Even if they don’t purchase anything this time, you can email them promotions and deals to bring them back.

Keep your website popular and current by including a “thank you” page. Online users appreciate the fact that you know they have many options. You are appreciative of them for giving your website an opportunity. 


Web development is an exciting tool with unlimited possibilities that will benefit and upgrade your business. With the right formatting and hosting, you will see a polished, quality result that displays your business in the best possible light. Take advantage of the online support from companies who specialize in web development.