What does a web developer do?

And What Is The Difference Between a Web Developer and A Web Designer?

What does it exactly look like – it depends on a lot of kinds of implementing developer’s work. Good news is that web development is highly demanded and web development company which need the high-class specialists continue creating.

So, check the key moments: developers often work on those clients which want to represent their products or services in the network. As usual, work is strongly focused on the project and include cooperation with those group of people which help to collate client’s requirements with the final product. “Client” can be a company in which you work, organization, a public institution, which is needed in the website of web-app.

How to become web-developer?

Those who are interested in this question, first of all, should know important differences: front-end developer vs back-end developer.

Front-end developer

Front-end usually means such things which you directly see on the site in your browser. It shows how the content is represented, including all the small elements of the user’s interface like the menu, drop-menu, wonderful animations and modal windows.

Front-end developers often focus on the understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as far as these languages work in browsers. It’s not necessarily for them to focus on doing things “beautiful”, but the information to be represented effectively and the user’s cooperation with the web page to be as comfortable as it’s possible. Nowadays we do more and more code directly in the browser.

Back-end developer

The back-end, as a rule, designates those part of the app which lives on the server. The back-end is more concentrated on all the needed data were sent to the browser correctly. This part of the iceberg is hidden under the surface… a lot of things have to work properly to transmit data to the front end, where it can be correctly displayed. For example, Google can be a quite simple search device from our point of view, but they hire the army of engineers, to make a gear, which you can’t see, work properly.

Full stack developer

The full stack developer works with both sides at the same time. Though each of “ends” includes scrutiny of a lot of information, full stack developers can comfortably “communicate” with database and browser at the same time. Nowadays it’s quite popular to look for the designers who have a great experience with both web-app parts.

What does a web designer do?

Well, if you have back-end and front-end developers then who makes a website really beautiful? Who combines images, logos and color schemes? All of this is a web designer’s work. At this time it is expected even the designers to be able to write so code if it’s needed. Some of the best web-developers came from the design sphere.

Website vs web app

Not everybody can agree to distinguish these two meanings but usually, websites are designed for displaying the static (constant) content, but web-apps need a “smart” code, which works on the server for creating the dynamic content. Entering the site, managed by the web-app looks like a previous example, but an e-book doesn't lay and wait until you open it. Your request of the e-book catches by the nosy app, which checks what you are on inspect then dynamically generates a necessary full-tooled book for you.