Why should we use chatbots in e-commerce?

There Are Real Robots Which Help Us To Run Business

A few month ago most of us were impressed by 'Ghost in the Shell', a movie about futuristic cyborgs built on the popular manga. And there are some less evident but still amazing technologies, which you can use now for your business!

You can already engage real robots to improve your business and do it for free (or almost free). There are several platforms provides different chatbot services, such as development, hosting and messengers integration, for example, Chatfuel. Some of them require software development skills, and some provide a visual constructor, so everyone can find a convenient one. Also if you don't want to spend your time on it, ask us and we will help you.

Today chatbots' usage is unbelievable wide! They are frequently used in HoReCa for booking and ordering, in Banking, Medicine, Social Services and even in churches, because of fast and unlimited communication provided through that technology.

Using chatbots companies can work with customers' requests 24 hours a day without additional employees or outstaff services. It means that there are no limits for communication, so you will never lose a new client. Also, in many cases, it works much faster than sales managers: your customer has to make some taps choosing right answers to order or book something. Another key point of chatbots usage is messengers such as Telegram or What's up and Facebook, it means that people are able to make orders or request at any time from any place. It's obvious that communication through this way is much faster and convenient both for customer and provider.

So don't be afraid of robots and let them improve your business!