Xamarin's cross-platform development

Here Comes New Era of Mobile Development

Xamarin is used for simultaneous application development and provides full access to their own development processes, and through it provides unique opportunities for mobile development. Usually, apps contain up to 90% of code made on this language, because it has library who has access to all mobile platforms with unified API and common resources. So developers can write code for all platforms at the same time, in this way, there are possibilities to reduce costs and spend less time on coding.

How does it work

Xamarin has two main categories: for iOS and Android. They were made of Mono like .NET framework, which is able to use on the most of all existing operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux and so forth.
But usage of Xamarin depends on the OS. With Android compiler works at the start of an application, and with iOS, it uses directly to native ARM assembly code.
Every time application utilizes a runtime that operates memory allocation, garbage collection and so forth.
  • High productivity
  • If to compare other frameworks with Xamarin application the last one has suitable to these tools, design, and structure, it provides with excellent performance even in there is the most demanding scenarios.
  • One code
  • By using Xamarin programmers significantly reduce the time of development. The development for iOS and Android separately takes at least twice more time.



Another advantage is code shortening with C# features without harming the future. There is your extra speed in implementation and starting of own ideas.
Smart debugger
Guarantee from any bugs, errors and other is cleverly thought in Xamarin. Unlike most mobile frameworks Xamarin gives an advanced debugger (Program finds errors) that can be used in both for the emulator and on a device.
More opportunities
By using libraries that are written in C, Objective-C, C++, and Java, the application can add almost any functions. In addition, the developers have promised that Xamarin will always keep you up to date with the latest API updates from Apple and Google.
Xamarin has not yet become mainstream, but it is gradually moving in this direction. We think that in a year or two we will say much more about it.
So you can be sure that we do everything quickly and concisely.