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Since our expertise applies to various verticals and builds on the proven tech stack, we are able to deliver solutions of varying complexity; take a look at some of the featured projects to make sure of it.

Belle Renta

Belle Renta is a mobile and web application, created by French entrepreneurs for property owners to get the greatest benefit from a deal. It allows proprietors and real estate agencies to estimate the profit from leasing or selling the property, calculating its rate of return.


Patronim is a mobile and web app created for Tel-Aviv company that ensures a high level of property cleanliness for managers working on the Airbnb platform and private property managers.

The company’s staff coordinate the work through the Patronim app, while clients use it to order cleaners services and all the needed equipmentlike bed sheets, towels, house amenities and more.


Bikesimizer is a specialised social network for cyclists. The app exists in web and mobile versions. Both versions have intuitive and adapted to various devices interface.

New contacts, messaging, groups and events are available at the website. The mobile app includes social network and location tracking.

How We Work

When executing a solution, it’s important to ensure that each specific feature is implemented at the desired level and the logic is observed. To run a project smoothly, a Project Manager gains a deep understanding of the project details and establishes effective communication along the way.

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Ask Your Project Manager

Now, we reveal all the frequently asked questions regarding future projects.

How do you make a project estimate? What aspects affect the final decision?

Estimation of a creating solution from a scratch, or building on an existing one, is a multistage process that is carried out by a project manager and a tech lead. There is no one-size-fits-all approach - every concept is unique.

However, there are some common factors which influence the estimate, such as project requirements, applicable technologies and both technical and non- technical risks (e.g. design mistakes or adding requirements in late phases).

What communication channels will be available during the development process?

As we work with individuals from around the globe, instant communication is our major priority. Depending on the client’s wishes and preferences, our team is contactable through audio or video conferencing, virtual meetings, messaging/texting using Skype, communication sites or email updates.

Also, the chosen communication style, including response times, is tailored to time zone differences or cultural characteristics (e.g. holidays).

How can I monitor the task execution process during development? What tools are convenient?

For the client to know how the development process is progressing, we have a specific set of tools that facilitate control over every phase (milestone). There are online platforms like Trello, Jira, Azure, Asana, among others, which allow a project manager to create ongoing tasks, set deadlines and deliver daily reports. The list above could be further expanded as the project progresses.

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