Mobile and web app created for Tel-Aviv
company that ensures a high level of property

Project Overview

Patronim is a mobile and web app created for a Tel-Aviv based company to ensure a high level of property cleanliness for managers working on the Airbnb platform and other private property managers.

The company’s staff coordinate the work through the Patronim app, while clients use it to order cleaning services and necessary equipment such as bed sheets, towels, household amenities and more.

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The client’s company had been managing the working process using Excel spreadsheets. They asked us to create an application that would perform the managerial functions and coordinate employees within the company.

Another requirement was to integrate a payment system. The client wanted to implement a flexible pricing policy depending on specific criteria, as well as have the ability to offer refunds in case of cancellation.

The core challenges were as following:

  • To develop an application concept, which includes app format and inherent capabilities for every role;
  • To integrate a payment system with changeable pricing policy.

Business Consulting

Evaluating the features of the client's business, analysing the problems and determining their causes, as well as considering all the project requirements, we proposed the design of a mobile app.

The mobile application is easily portable and gives more opportunities for custom design and functionality. In-app push notifications ensure users don’t miss task changes or cancellations.



Having studied the service provision process from the time of ordering to the delivery of work to the client, we created user stories for every role. This allowed us to determine the necessary set of features suitable for each role; we were then able to fulfil the possible scripts of their interaction and adjust accordingly.

Thus, we created the application concept, which included all the important features for client managerial processes.

Working Process


Property Manager

Quality Controller




For setting a task, it is necessary to register in the app as a Property Manager or Private Property User. These roles were created for company clients who provide apartments for rent and require cleaning services.

Such features allow property managers to quickly schedule the job for patrons and dispatchers, specifying certain times and places, as well as constantly monitor the work in process:

  • To schedule the next job and to monitor its progress;
  • To see past, in progress and upcoming work;
  • To add/remove extra items (house amenities);
  • To pay services online;
  • To edit/cancel jobs;
  • To chat with an Administrator.
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Flexible Payment Policy

For attracting clients we decided to integrate a flexible pricing policy. Service prices can be calculated automatically or changed through the Administrator panel. Auto calculation usually depends on the following criteria:

  • holidays;
  • seasonality;
  • demand over the past period;
  • delays in task performance;
  • jobs cancellation.

In order to make the payment methods more convenient for customers, we proposed two variants: PayPal and invoice settlement.

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