Mobile and web application, designed to search for the local fitness professionals


HiiTWay is a mobile and web application designed to search for local fitness professionals and arrange sports sessions in real-time. This platform helps the athletes to keep in touch with their personal trainer and track their session progress.

Project Conception

The project name was based on the “HiiT” abbreviation, which stands for high-intensity interval training. The application’s business model was to create a collaborative tool for fitness instructors and trainees.

Using HiitWay, trainers can add all the important information about themselves, upload qualifications, set training locations and create a workout schedule.

To get the full access to the app, a trainer is required to pay a monthly fee. The application is designed to generate income from coaches, while trainees can search for suitable trainers and book sports sessions at no cost.


One of the biggest challenges was to think over the extra value of the application, in order to reach the maximum target audience. For this purpose, we had to analyse the intended user of the HiitWay app and introduce features according to their needs.

Our client turned to us with requirements regarding the concept of the application, but without any idea about its visualisation. So, our mission was to turn his requirements and expectations into reality.

  • To create application features, in accordance with target audience needs;
  • To create the design, taking into account key requirements and client ideas.

Additional Value

Our team was asked not only to develop the application, but also to add additional value to the client’s initial idea. The primary set of features include the ability to:

  • Creating profile;
  • Upload qualifications;
  • Set training locations;
  • Search for local trainers;
  • Book lessons.

We carried out research into the target audience and concluded that the application could be used not only by individuals, but also by enterprises. Therefore, we proposed to introduce a new user role with the ability to implement the following features:

  • Create a company profile;
  • Create packages;
  • Add availabilities;
  • Contact trainees;
  • Phone & email support.

Additionally, it was decided that, to help improve the provided services, trainees would have the ability to rate their coaches within the app. We also enabled users to chat with each other, in case of schedule changes or other unforeseen circumstances.


At the beginning of our collaboration, the client often provided us with new ideas and references connected with how he wanted the app to look. To use our design time as efficiently as possible, and to create exactly what the client wanted, we collected his key expectations and brought them to life.

We started with the improvement of the current frameworks. Our team modified and adapted the design according to brand identity and the latest design trends. The app’s colour scheme was changed in line with client expectations and the content readability was modernised, so that the user experience of the app was improved.





















Google Maps
Stripe Payment
Facebook SDK

Scope of Work

1 Project Manager
1 Full-stack Developer (251h)
2 Xamarin Developers (431h)
2 QA Engineers


hours of development

to expand the audience of application users by 15%
67% of coaches use HiitWay as the only way to find trainees
85% of trainees happy with the opportunity to browse all the available trainers

The Result

Currently, the application serves a thousand people who are fond of sports and motivated to achieve their desired results. We helped our client to expand the audience of application users by 15% by introducing a package for enterprises. 67% of coaches use HiitWay as their primary way of find trainees. At the same time, 85% of trainees are happy with the opportunity to browse all the available trainers in their chosen locations and chat personally with those who interest them.

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