Sony Brings Back AI-infused Robotic Dog Aibo

Sony Brings Back AI-infused Robotic Dog Aibo
Japanese company intends to renew its inventive spirit with an innovation of its original robot pet after putting it on hold for almost ten years. Pets offer great fun, but with the modern busy lifestyle, it is hard to offer them the level of affection and focus they need. This is only possible if you hire someone to do it on your behalf. However, in case you want to have a pet you can manage without a lot of hassles Sony aims to bring back its robotic dog Aibo.

The Japanese company once the leader in home robotics aims to bring back its original dog, but with more modern intelligence integrated upgrades.

Aibo has ivory white color and is made with a plastic covered hound measuring thirty centimeters. It has a wagging tail and floppy black ears. It is sold as a pet with similar behaviors like a normal dog. The only difference is that it makes use of AI instead canine instinct to connect with its environment and interact with the owner. It is more advanced since it has cameras, internet connectivity, microphones and several sensors. In addition, it has an upgraded AI supported by cloud computing to help create its personality.

The robotic dog contains OLED screens that work as eyes that help in displaying different emotions and a camera that help take photos. The major difference with the original one is that it has more advanced actuator technology that makes it possible for it to move in a smooth and natural way just like a normal dog does. It has the ability to identify its owner and play with them, recognize words of appreciation, smiles and understand the behaviors that make the owner happy.

Aibo will be available in January for 198,000 Japanese yen. International sales are being considered.

This pronouncement comes one day after Sony made confirmation of its revival by predicting great profit this year. The company also looks forward to renewing its original prowess after several years of reorganization. 

Sony began its development of entertainment robots in June 1999 with Aibo. It was able to sell more than 150,000 dogs in the country before stopping the production after seven years due to high-level competition with rivals. The decision was a hard one, but the company moved on to develop robotics and AI according to CEO Kazuo Hirai.

The company aims to sell more than it did with the original Aibo. However, there is no timeline provided by the company. The company also views AI as the major pillar of its growth in the coming years. It aims to rival companies such as Apple, Facebook and Alphabets Google.

The company invested an amount that is yet to be disclosed in Cogitai a company based in the USA. This is a company that focuses on technology that makes it possible for machines to learn in an autonomous and continuous manner from interaction in the world. The company also came up with a venture capital fund to create partnerships with researchers and beginner firms in robotics and AI.

At the beginning of the year, the education arm of Sony launched Koov aimed at teaching kids how to code by developing and programming robots by use of plastic blocks.