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ICT consulting service

ICT Consulting

Major information and communication technology waves impact organizations in a profound way. Using the information technology, like cloud, software-as-a-service, mobility, social, big data and analytics, our team helps your business to ride these waves. Anuitex will develop your legacy environment. All the changes will be in addition to and not in lieu of your environment.

Software Prototyping

Software Prototyping

Software prototyping is a good assistant to work with application functionality, detecting potential problems, and setting software development requirements and priorities well. Anuitex is a team of professionals, who can in a matter of minutes find out any issues in the future software application. We always set clear goals for our team and achieve them.

Software Development

Software Development

When our team works on the developing of any product for you, we use all our knowledge and experience. Each our product consists of work with a wide range of tools, methodologies and techniques. We really try to provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the global market for you. Anuitex is a good opportunity to save your money and become the best industrial quality and business valuable features.

Software Development Support


Our professionals always follow how our services work and keep their working right and fast. Anuitex provides the maintenance for your business services for sure.

Custom Software Development Service

Custom development

Quality of custom software is the main task for our team. We try to create software that will meet your own requirements and work for your business. All products we build products are like our own. You can be sure – you will become software without any issues or defects.

Web Development Service

Web Development

Anuitex creates powerful and effective web services. Our special design approach and enjoyment of high standards code helps to make the exceptional web applications that boast search engine result positions, increased sales conversions and visitor’s loyalty.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

Our top focus is the highest quality. Our time always works with the newest methodologies and techniques. The best results for us are our pleased customers and high-quality products. We always refine ourselves through ongoing research, best practices updates, and personnel education.

Software Security Services

Software Security Services

Our software security services are perfect for each user who is looking for the technology evaluated from a security perspective. We are able to identify vulnerabilities or security errors in time and solve any problems that can appear.

Strategy and Software Optimization Services

Strategy and Optimization

Anuitex helps customers to develop their business, make it more effective, use their investments in custom and web applications in the best way. So, all the clients are pleased with our work and they are aligned with the top-level search engine optimization strategy that guides their entire business.