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Swedish city Goteborg taking roots of the XVII founded by King Gustav II Adolf's. The second of the largest city of Sweden has a rich and interesting history. In this city, there was the residence of the Swedish Ostindiska Company. The city was a major port through which implemented import to Sweden. Then Goteborg became a leading port through which Sweden has exported products to abroad.

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This city will be the perfect place for you if in your travels you aspire to acquaint with the gastronomy of the country. Goteborg recognized as the culinary capital of Sweden. In this city, there are three restaurants have earned a Michelin star. In Goteborg, there are seven chefs often which recognized as the best chefs in this country. And website will help you choose a restaurant that is perfectly suited exactly to your taste preferences.

Also, Goteborg is the most popular culture and sports center of the country. This city often named as the "gateway" to Western Archipelago - convent of picturesque islands and desert gray cliffs. In additional exactly in Goteborg, there is Liseberg - the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia (more than 30 attractions). Goteborg's Film Festival which exists since 1979 is by far the largest in Scandinavia.

The main target of the tourist city website is a help to ease and comfort find the required information about the city. In this way, we faced the first issue: how to make it really clear. So we decided to use less text, more visual information and big pictures as a basic design and navigation pattern. It's better for portable devices such as smartphones which a commonly used by the tourists and far more catchy than the textual content.

Beautiful photos and comfortable navigation allow in a few seconds choose where to spend the weekends, taste the best dishes and where you could comfortably live on the period of stay in the city. It means that we solved the main issue of this project: created modern and stylish city site.

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