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Kobo was created in the 12 months of the 2009 year. It`s one of the biggest e-Reading services. The library consists of 5 000 000 books, is provided for readers all over the world. The company's mission is to enable people a comprehension the books are our wealth and they make our world unique.

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The most needed formats are available on the company`s platform. Some of them are EPUB, EPUB3 and PDF permit readers to buy and to use content from the most popular resources. Kobo is one of the huge e-Bookstores, where are millions of books, presented in 77 languages.

This site includes apps for all kind of systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and even for desktop. It makes more comfortable, practical and customizable for reading a book whenever and wherever you want. You can read a book on your tablet, for example, and the next moment to launch it on a desktop and will be immediately on the page what you need to. It`s means you can throw over between Kobo apps and never miss the information was saved in one of them.

In addition, Kobo is aimed to cooperate with authors and booksellers to transform them from printed version to the electronic (e-book).

The company wants to make people devoted to read more time and the authors to become as famous as possible

The Company website is made in bright colors. It`s instant highlights the necessary book and makes it possible to ignore the unwanted objects. It gives us the ability for diving into the world of books. There is easy to navigate among categories because the most popular of them are presented separately. Also, if you would be interested, the site has information for readers, authors and those people who want to have a job. We have done everything possible to ensure Kobo was represented on the Web in the best possible light. This project is accompanied by our experts, who put all their efforts to create the highest quality.

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