PubNub exists since 2009 and is a global cloud application

PubNub exists since 2009 and is a global cloud application designed to provide the possibility to build and deploy realtime apps. Such applications are scalable, reliable and have high performance and service guarantees. The PubNub streams more than 3 million messages per second, and works with more than 150 million devices a month. It’s connecting everyone around the world in less than 0.25 seconds.

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PubNub - a secure local area network streaming and easy to use API, which allows developers to create real-time, scale, and manage applications. Access to the complex functions of the stream processing PubNub open more than 70 software development kit for a wide variety of network, mobile, embedded, desktop and server platforms. Infrastructure PubNub provides a delay of just 0.25 in the transmission of data anywhere in the world, as well as high reliability of message delivery and the most advanced data protection and privacy. It is proved that the network is capable of supporting PubNub hundreds of millions of devices using standard Internet protocols and a variety of communication media, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Designed website is adaptive, informative and reveals the essence of the brand. It shows the main advantages of the company. All items are collected by ranges. Videos are integrated to the pages to reveal all the benefits. Easy site navigation allows the user to find the right product and the information about it easily.

Today PubNub’s power is thousands of real-time applications around the world, ranging from ambitious startups.

The design of the site is used only the new designs. The site is clearly structured; all information is divided into categories. Rabten disclosed all the advantages of the company. Very interesting and attractive to users is the use of video, instead of the traditional background image. All elements of the links, transitions, graphics, animated, which once again underlines the innovative technology solutions of company.

On various pages of the site are integrated video and links to external resources. Button "share" in social networks is always at hand.

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