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With the increasing demand for travel and active recreation

With the increasing demand for travel and active recreation, tourism became an important part of economic extension.

Today, tourism is a catalyst for the regional economy. Because of this, even the government began to create the industry's development strategy.

Tourist business stimulates the development of building, trade, agriculture, consumer goods, communications, etc.

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This website was specially created for the oldest Sydney's pubs, located in the heart of The Rocks. The site represents a pub's old world charm and character.

The historic Rocks area is one of the main centers of tourist attraction in Sydney. Most of local buildings preserved from the time the first European settlers. Forty years ago, Rocks area were lost forever in the pages of history. In the 70s of the last century in Sydney conducted a large-scale building of skyscrapers, and when the city has grown to Roxy, all the old buildings were going to be demolished. This has been avoided only thanks to active citizens, who generously gave to part with precious architectural monuments. Today The Rocks is filled with trendy boutiques, art galleries, museums and all sorts of exhibitions. And it is one of the most expensive areas of the city.

The Rocks is a complete source of information, which can accommodate a full information about the most important for the citizens part of Sydney.

The site is equally useful for both residents and tourists. Visitors can follow the latest news and events, choose the activities for the evening, a place to relax or shopping.

All information on the website is structured. It is visually clear, there is no dead-end pages, despite the huge amount of information, meetings there is not a feeling of oversaturation.

Web site design is restrained, and the main attention is paid to large and bright pictures that convey the spirit of the unforgettable magic of this part of town.

Also there is a portfolio for every pub, restaurant or museum, given their contacts and location on the map. Buttons “Share” helps to popularize website in the social networks.

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