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We offer custom software application development services to build solid software to achieve your business goals.

Our talented team will help you select the best services for your business!

Business Consulting
Technology Consulting
Web and Mobile Design
Software Development
Quality Assurance
Support and Maintenance

Business Consulting

Before developing the app, our team determines how it will solve any issues your business may have. We analyse the current state of the business, compare it with the client’s requirements, and offer options for optimising the business. Our team selects the appropriate strategy that helps to demonstrate the value of the product to your customers.

We Offer
  • Business improving consulting
  • Existing projects analysis
  • Product establishment strategy
This will help you
  • Choose the best software solution
  • Identify and formulate the opportunities
  • Strengthen your positions on the market

Technology Consulting

Software development consulting services help to define the tech stack for your project. The primary purpose of the tech consulting is to choose the best software development technologies and tools to reduce development time and costs while making your product function smoothly. It will also help determine if it is best to implement a new solution or change the existing one.

We Offer
  • A proven approach for solving technical issues
  • An elaborated stack of technologies
  • Tech solutions compatible with existing ones
This will help you
  • Correlate the software price with the budget
  • Enhance the business processes
  • Get streamlining recommendations

Web and Mobile Design

Design is a key method in grabbing customer attention. Imagine seeing two apps with the same business logic. Which one would you choose? We develop unique mobile and web designs so that your business might stand out from other companies. Through the design we convey the company’s corporate style and make the first positive impression.

We Offer
  • An attractive and unique design
  • Design adapted to the corporate style
  • Simple and clear app display
This will help you
  • Attract customer attention
  • Stand out from others
  • Get more potential clients

Software Development

Software solutions can simplify many business processes and resolve any issues raised. We offer mobile, cloud and web development services to build a solid custom software product. Software development services are aimed to ensure the project is implemented according to your business goals. Providing this service, we intend to create products conforming to your requirements and market trends.

We Offer
  • Well-built custom software
  • Web, mobile and cloud solutions
  • Software solutions for startups
This will help you
  • Achieve an elaborated software product
  • Improve work productivity
  • Solve current business challenges

Quality Assurance

Detecting bugs at the development stage costs much less than if they are found by users. We aim to identify and fix bugs in the application before its implementation. Quality Assurance as a service helps to reduce the number of issues and confirm that the product functions properly. Providing functional, manual and automated software testing, we evaluate the product’s suitability and efficiency.

We Offer
  • Product quality control
  • Functional testing
  • Multi-device testing
This will help you
  • Eliminate risks and threats
  • Be confident in the quality of the product
  • Check the product compatibility

Support and Maintenance

Work on the project doesn’t stop after delivery. It is crucial to ensure the stability of the application after its implementation. Support & Maintenance is essential if you need to make changes to the product, update the current technologies, or to enhance the app's efficiency. If the business environment or requirements for the application change, we adapt the existing app to any new conditions.

We Offer
  • App stability and productivity control
  • Legacy software maintenance
  • Remote technical support
This will help you
  • Avoid possible risks and negative influence
  • Ensure the product runs smoothly
  • Solve any issues within existing project

Engagement Models

Selective Service
Project Management
Dedicated Team

Selective Service

If you need one or several services, we provide you with a team to help select the most suitable option.

You can choose from business or technology consulting, design creation, quality assurance, maintenance or many others. We offer a set of services according to the particular project’s needs.

Project Management

We provide you with a dedicated manager to run your project. This model is aimed to enhance the working process with the specially selected team, within the allocated budget.

Choosing this model, you will spend less time on organisational issues and more on your business.

Dedicated Team

The key value of this model is the ability to work full-time with your project only. It ensures concentration on specific tasks and close involvement in the development process.

The team is fully oriented towards your aims and aspires to realise these aims according to your requirements and business needs.

How We Work

Agile Approach

Product improvement during the whole development process. This allows us to decrease inefficiencies and minimise risk.

Transparent Processes

Transparency allows you to follow all the development stages and make the required changes related to the project.

Deadline Fulfilment

Project delivery within the allocated time.

Always in Touch

Ensuring regular communication throughout the project.

Product Maintenance

Assuring avoidance of possible risks and negative influences.

Development Flexibility

Helps to adjust the product to your business environment and upcoming trends.

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