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Anuitex provides various services related to software development outsourcing, technical and business consulting and software maintenance.

Custom Software Development

With a custom project, we provide the full pack of services including design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Ordering this service you get a powerful and robust solution for your business.

Web Applications Development

We offer web development services and create applications such as online banking and shopping, instant messaging, remote authentication and logging services and different cloud solutions for business.

Mobile Applications Development

Modern mobile apps market is huge and fast-growing blue ocean. We offer both Android and iOS development and cross-platform development services to make your apps demanded and your business successful.

Support & Maintenance

We offer not only development but maintenance and support of your existing software set. Our developers and QA engineers will control performance, fix bugs and assist your IT-team in crisis situations.

Quality Assurance

Our QA Engineers are able to take part in the troubleshooting process remotely or on-site, inspect applications, make bug reports and control fixing process. You also can order a team to fix bugs and glitches.

ICT Consulting

Our team is able to help you with strategic and technological issues emerging while developing and launching a new product. We also consult startups set up by people without huge business experience.

Software Security Service

We can test, analyze and fix the software security of your business We also provide robust and scalable solutions to resist DDoS-attacks and keep data safe for governments and companies.

Software Prototyping

Our development team is able to design an application, create and test the prototype and analyze collected data to help you create sustainable and effective software with specified characteristics.

Strategy & Optimization

We provide legal, marketing and other kinds of non-programming support to startups and individual entrepreneurs to help them win a competition and prevent various problems on their business way.

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Why Us

Maximum Agility

We accept your requirements, design, develop and provide a minimum viable product as soon as possible to save your money and get the highest profits of our collaboration.

Clear Estimates

We make our estimates founding on the previous projects taking into account emerged issues and critical points, so we always meet the deadlines and make a successful delivery.

Fast Start

It doesn't mean how big and difficult your project will be, we always start immediately! We have huge resources at the time and opportunity to reinforce our team with additional developers.

Complex Approach

We design and develop our solutions relying not only on technical trends and possibilities but also on business needs and market stance for the better return on investments.

Quality Control

We pay much attention to quality assurance and testing to provide only top-tier sustainable solutions. Our customers can always rely on our applications in any situation.

Advantageous Rates

While collaborating with us you pay only for what you really receive. Our customers never face additional or hidden payments but regularly receive various pleasant bonuses.

Collaboration Process

Agile Scheme

We use Agile methodology to make collaboration more convenient and effective both for us and our customers. It's well-known and commonly used because of opportunities for quality management and regular demos.

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