Technologies We Use

Technologies provide business transformation to deliver a better user experience

Turn Ideas into Action

Technologies contribute to releasing your every idea to highlight the design and implement features in the future product.

Our team works with various technologies to accomplish the project tailored to clients’ business needs. To leverage product functionality, we analyse tech specifications before selecting proper techs.

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We Create Solutions for Any Device

We leverage cloud, mobile, and web technology solutions to realise a software product on various platforms adapting to any device. It ensures proper product implementation in accordance with the client's requirements and user perception.


Key Technologies

We have in-depth tech experience that allows us to deliver product design and development services based on the market requirements. By combining technologies, our experts turn your business ideas into a full-featured project.

.NET Stack
  • C#


  • .NET Core

  • WPF

  • Umbraco

  • DotNetNuke

JavaScript Stack
  • Node.js

  • TypeScript

  • React

  • Vue.js

  • Angular

  • Aurelia

  • MS SQL

  • Mongo DB

  • MySQL

  • Redis

  • Raven DB

  • PostgreSQL

Cloud Solutions
  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Docker Cloud

  • Kubernetes

  • Microsoft Azure

  • IBM Cloud


  • Android Native
  • IOS Native
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Cordova
  • Ionic

Сhoose the Right Technology Stack

The tech stack refers to a combination of frameworks and the programming language that is required to create your product. The technology stack directly affects the external interface, features, and business logic, as well as security, performance, and reliability of products.


Users First of all, it is needed to analyse who your users are. We select technologies based on whether they work on desktops, tablets or only mobile phones. Our team assists you in creating a better user experience.


Load Capability Performance depends on the specifics of your business. If your project needs a high response rate and processing a large number of requests, we choose programming languages and platforms that can provide it. Social networks are a typical example of apps that need low latency.


Personal requirements The tech stack we select depends on the features you want to implement. For example, a real-time application requires a quick response to server-side. Node.js copes with high traffic, multiple users, and intensive data better than other application development solutions.


Budget The ratio of the required features, development terms and the complexity of the implementation affect the budget estimate. The development time relies on the synergy between the selected technologies and the fact if they need a supplement.

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